LitleOn recording issues(quality is very poor)


I have a lite-on DVD recorder: LVW-5116GHC+. I just bought a new T.V since my old tube 27in T.V broke(was like 19 years old).

The T.V I bought was Toshiba 42HL57.

I hooked up my lite-on and I found that when I turn it on and it starts streaming the T.V that it starts getting a really bad picture. Like you see every dot and line(you can’t watch it since it is so bad). When I have the lite-on turned off and just the T.V going the quality is really good(for just regular quality tv).

So When I turn on the the lite-on the quality goes down so much. So when I actually start taping something I get that same shitty quality. I tried even the different quality modes like the highest quality one.

Nothing works so I am not sure what is going wrong. When I had my old TV it had good quality when taping but now it just sucks.

Have you set the correct ration in set-up 4:3 or 16:9 in both the tv and DVD recorder. Also are you using a good connector to connect to the tv.

If you have a VCR, use its tuner.

So, did you ever solve the problem?