Litey 24102b p-cav again

checkout this post
does it do p-cav or not
the above link does not work see further on my next post

Do you mean the following link:

I can’t get your link to work.

This is for the Lite-on 32x burner. I don’t think that Lite-on has any plans to make the 24x burner a P-CAV AFAIK.

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As Far As I Know

check this then

That is definitively Zone-CLV.

Don’t know why it reports P-CAV:confused:

Probably a CD-Speed bug.

that is what I get every time on my 24102b
and I’ve just clocked a link that shows the dip and rise pattern
as z-clv guess cd speed does have a bug after all

cheers peeps

umm, what is Zone-CLV and P-CAV… ? curious.

i have just checked my 24 speed litey with nero and it definately comes up as zone clv so there must be a glitch with your copy of nero

  cheers bighun

just downloaded another cdspeed
and guess what?
it’s fine z-clv as it should be
bundled software HA!