Liteon's website hacked!

It’s hacked by someone. Probably from China as it raises the issue of Taiwan’s pro-independence. I hate them coz I am from Taiwan.:mad:

I hate them for using such methods, and for not accepting Taiwan as a own country, which it is and shall remain.

was on the front page. Hacked page shows a picture of someone.

Why in the world was it hacked?

Communist internet terrorists. Firewall China.

Looks like the page has been fixed. Communism sucks

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[edit]Communism rocks [/edit]

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but using such methods to bring them out to others are low. Very low.

ooohhhhhhhh !!

touchy :o :o

Liteon rocks

Communism works in some countries because people let it go and on. That is one form of oppression I would never like to be under. Most of the money the commie governments go to military and weapons. Look at the Iron Curtain countries that are recovering from bankruptcy. Some of them are doing better since they are not commie anymore.

Commies suck. Commie countries are generally run by totalitarian military dictators where political dissent is crushed brutally, human rights go down the drain and the place is a police state. Look at commie China and North Korea, yeah, real fun places to live if you disagree with the Communist party line. North Korea is going down the toilet, people are starving while the dictator is a fat slob and all he does is inflate the military.

Look at the former commie governments in Romania, Serbia and East Germany as more examples of what NOT to do. Wasn’t Pol Pot a commie? Jeez, will people never learn…

well, i think communism is great, in therory, but as with many things , thing dont work in practice eg: all the ex communist (e.european) states :frowning:

This is starting to get awfully of-topic, but communism works, as long as everybody living in a communist country, wants communism.
Accidentally, that must be a country where nobody are born, a country where everybody who lives there must be people who wanted to live there…
And that might be difficult to achieve… :slight_smile:

Actually communism - as it has been proliferated in countries like Cuba, China and the USSR, is not actually anything to do with Marxism or socialism of any kind. Actually this is just toalitarianism with a thematic element that pickes out socialist ideals and works them into propoganda to sell to the people. Marx had some good, but misguided ideas. His historical determinism ultimately turned out to be wrong but he made an intelligent critique of capitalism. However, Lenin took these theories and prostituted them into a state ideology. This was taken over by Stalin, who was a bit nuts and killed 20 million people in peacetime. But since this is getting really off the topic…

Actually communism - as it has been proliferated in countries like Cuba, China and the USSR, is not actually anything to do with Marxism or socialism of any kind.
no, communism is communism ; what these countries do / did do is not communism :frowning:

yeah that was kind of my point. Actually the semantics get confusing. There are 3 things called communism all of which are different. The first is the stage of history outlined by Marx called communism which is an anarchist utopia and the final stage of history. Then there is the ideology of Marx, people who beleive in the teachings of Marx (or Lenin). Then there is the state configuration of communism in the modern sense - China etc.

It does get confusing


Liteon’s website hacked!
lol, how off-topic r we :wink: