Liteon's Rep = Great scanner, OK burner?



Ok so I am new to the forums (mostly because its time to replace my old NEC 3520) and over the past couple of days have been perusing the various manufacturer forums.

One thing I’ve noticed is that outside of the Liteon Forums that Liteon drives seem to have a reputation of being one of the best scanning drives out there, but only so-so at burning (behind the Pioneer 111 series and the BenQ’s) - This could be totally untrue, and I hope that it is - so I figured I’d pose this question to the experts themselves :bigsmile:

Scanning is important to me, so I already ordered a LH-20A1P-186 from Newegg (free shipping makes the retail box cheaper than the OEM! :eek - I have done some research on this drive and the majority of the scans I see look great, but I also realize that most people aren’t going to post their “bad scans” when they are trying to show off.

I am wondering if I should be considering getting another drive (namely a Pioneer or a BenQ) to do the actual burning and using the Liteon just as the scanner.

Anybody who has experience with the various drives care to enlighten me ?? Is it common to use another drive to burn and the liteon to scan? All brand loyalty aside, I just want to do what I have to do to get the best burn I can get…



In my opinion I wouldn’t get any of the 20x LiteOn models for scanning. Might want to try something like the 7S or 6S series of LiteOn. But if you absolutely need the best scanner, get a Benq 1640 if you can find one. Benqs get sold fast so if you’re lucky you might be able to find one. So far I like my SH-S183L Samsung drive. It scans very good but also cost more than the average DVD burner. But you get what you pay for.


I own a few BenQ 1640’s a couple of BenQ 1650, a few NEC 3520’s, a LiteOn 18A1P…

The BenQ is better, but if you own a LiteOn’s its not terrible by any stretch of the immagination. If you a person who wants to get as close they can to the [B]perfect[/B] burn, then look at a BenQ 1640/1650. But the LiteOn is close and sometimes matches it on the odd occasion. I personally would say the LiteOn is quite fine.


Have you done much scanning on the NEC 3520’s? Thats the drive I am replacing, partially because its just getting older but also because every disk I scan on this drive produces horrible results - the same disc scanned on a BenQ produces much different results…

Anyway, how has your luck been scanning on your NEC?


I got about the same results scanning on the NECs as the BenQ 1640 (which was what I stepped up to from the NECs).

The difference in quality of burns from the NEC to the BenQ was huge.


uhh the benqs have useful features for scanning, great for cd scanning, but are terrible dvd scanners, imo. 8ecc pif scanning is practically useless unless you’re getting good enough burns anyway. then there’s that jitter/pie bias for non benq burned media.

I have no problems with 20x liteon scanning. what experiences do you have that would suggest otherwise? just curious.

everyone keeps talking about how great the benqs are; and while they are good, I wouldn’t call them that spectacular. Sure I wouldn’t mind getting another one, but it’s not something I’d lose sleep over. in my experience anyway all the currently available burners from major oems (lg, lite-on, nec, pioneer, plextor, samsung) are all pretty much on par with good media and does better on certain crappy media better than others (and yes, I’ve obtained one or two burners from each one).


Don’t dump your NEC, it is one of the best +RW burners I have ever tested. It also does a very good job on MCC 004 and YUDEN000 T02 discs.

If you want a better burner, the Pioneer 111 would do the job but the difference is not really huge. I agree with most of those above that Liteon would be the way to go if you want scanning. If you stick to MCC 004 and TY media, the Pioneer would really only need scanning to find media errors.