Liteons no good for some securoms!

Ive being doing some experimeting just lately with new securom games for example lets take the new die hard nakatomi plaza !!
I love my liteon but Ive come to the conclusion that for some reason my 24103s is UNABLE to copy this protection !!!
30+ coasters later all versions of clone EVERY known and recommended setting and speed hide cdrw media!!!
The liteon doesnt want to know when it comes to trying to play
even when trying disc in dvd/cdrom drive instead the LITEON
just dont work !!!
HOWEVER standard settings for securom in and old HP 9300
drive hide cdrw media and BINGO!!! copy fine .who would of believed it the liteon has been beaten!!! moderators everywhere whats going on with the new securom has the liteon been targetted because of its famous capabillities ???
needless to say my hp wont copy safe disc 2 so I will be keeping it along with my old hp drive !!! any suggestions I notice a few other strings in forums also mention securoms not being successful in liteons if it helps it appears to be only newer securom releases ?

what software are you using to make the backup(reader/writer)…what are the settings…

what media are you using…are you running it from a cdrw

I am using clone cd ver and the new ver 4.
Settings as stated in liteon forum for securom
read data tracks
read audio tracks tried numerous read speeds
write numerous speeds
buffer under protected
close last session
tried dont repair sub channel data on & off
write mode raw dao
many types of different media and cdrw disc however these discs then copy ok with hp drive & these settings . The liteon is the only thing different on the copy process and it just WONT have it!!!

Have to agree - Have not found a working ‘setup’ with my liteon 32X and Securom New after numerous attempts. :confused:

40X Plextor works a treat using default ‘game’ setting in CCd4 :smiley:

I have not tried A securom New title with the new clonecd 4…last time I did one it was AvP2 US version…backup worked fine off my Liteon 24102B…

I used
Subs audio/data checked
close last session and burnproof…

worked fine…

Hmm your settings seem ok…this is disturbing…

what are you using to do the read…the liteon or another reader

Also are you reading from a backup or an original…

I see Navigator reports a similar problem are other ereporting this too

I posted this issue in the clonecd forum…can you post a copy of your log from clonecd

no problem but how do I do that exactly?
I am familiar with the log in clone but how exactly do I then get that to you nealh???

I am reading and writing with the liteon 24103s I am using original cd and have tried playback on numerous cdrs / writers
I work in a pc shop its no problem experimenting on numerous drives you see. I also have plenty of opportunity to test and try all new titles as they come out.Thats whats so worrying my Liteon has never failed me before!!! Except for motoracer 3 with the dreaded tages protection!!!

I have looked at your posting of this info in the clone cd forum
SUPRISE SUPRISE !!! other people too are coming forward with exactly the same problem . LITEONS DONT SEEM able to make backups of securom new titles .Who can resolve it ?
Do we need a newer firmware ??? Litey owners everywhere
I call you to find the answer . Lets get TESTING!!!
Titles so far known are as follows
die hard nakatomi plaza
new york race
diablo 2
Its hard to believe my inferior 2 year old HP9300 10 speed will crack these but my liteon wont!!!

I have Monsters, Inc…kids game…has securom new… iwill burn it with clonecd 4 and see what happens this worked on

It may well work ok if it worked on
However I think there are newer versions of securom now out there just like safedisc v2?
Im sure in the past I too have copied securom new as identified in clonyxxl perhaps this newer version only rears its ugly head to clony as securom new but in fact its newer still???
ps. I see theres newer firm wares now available for my drive xbo3 >>> to xbo4 do you think this may make any difference???

I just backuped Le Mans 24h (newest SecuROM with newest Daemon Tools blacklisting - also used by Nascar 2002 and some other games) and it worked fine as ever!
One thing I´ve noticed: It SEEMS (!) to me that the backup is better readable if it´s read with 8x max and written with ´Don´t repair subchannel data´ NOT checked …
I´ve written all my cd-r backups with this option but still don´t have any problems …
so my conclusion: LiteOn writers can do SecuROM - now and always :wink:

I would like to try this on my 32x liteon but i dont have any securom games. If i borrow Diablo 2 off a mate (he brought it when it first came out) will it have the securom new protection on it? If not what other games can i try with this new protection.

Have tried those options read and written even slower than8x
no go!!! your missing my point these titles are very new I suspect an even newer version of securom new !!!

maj >>>>>>>>> give it a try use clony xxxl to identify the copy protection as different countries can use different protections around the world ! let me know other people too have reported this does not copy . See post in clone cd forum on securom !!

i doubt it would have the new protection then as its a pretty old game now. What new games would have the protection?

Die hard nakatomi Plaza only came out few weeks ago!

I am pretty sure the copy my son is palying was made with clonecd 3341 …I know it was aversion of clonecd 3 for sure…it works fine…on my other machine…read with tosh 6702b(I think I do not believe I used the liteon dvd) and wrote 24102B

But the copy I just made using clonecd 4 same reade/ writer failed…very strange

Ok update the copy with clonecd 4 is working…I tired in the my second system no problem…went back to the system with my Liteon DVD …plays fine…very weird…couple misreads but now last 3-4 reads no problem…

I personally am not so keen on new clone 4 I prefer the non automated way of setting parameters. I know there are manual options in 4 but there seems more control and options in

by the way i have tried blindread blind write and cd mate as well the software is NOT the issue here I am convinced some how its the liteon?