LiteOn's Christmas Present (New Firmware)

Thanks to QuiCo and 2channeler for the heads up on this. :slight_smile:

It would seem that LiteOn has given us a nice Christmas present, with firmware for:
SHW-160P6S: PS05
SHM-165P6S: MS0C
SHW-1635S: YS0V
SOHW-1653S: CS0T
SOHW-1633S: BS0Y
SOHW-1213S: TS0J

I wonder what happened to the 1693S. :confused:

Anyway, a big thanks to LiteOn for this. :slight_smile:

Now who can tell me if CS0T fixes the 12x and 16x read speed bug, as I won’t have access to my 1653S drive for some time?

Happy Christmas at all! :smiley:

Eheheh COdeKing, me and you at the same time! :wink:
Please, close my Thread.
Happy Christmas!

If this is a present, I think someone sh*t in my stocking… :wink: My 832S now gives me the gift of newfound POF’s and double the PIF’s on discs it used to just burn with stinky quality. It does burn some almost a minute faster though, so you can throw the disc into the garbage that much more quickly.

1633 BS0Y :clap:
I might give a try to that one with my retired 1633@1653.
BS0S was very good at burning CDs, so if it kept this CDs burning quality and improved the DVDs burning quality, this drive might found a place back into my computer. At least it doesn’t have the read bug CS0P has!!!
I would love to be wrong but I am almost sure they haven’t fixed the read bug in CS0T :rolleyes:

i’m impressed that they really released a new 1633s firmware. they needed one year, but that’s better than nothing. i think the read bug is still present in CS0T, they won’t fix it because it’s no bug for them when using an unpatched firmware.

will you release CG5M for the 832s fans? i don’t have a 2s drive, but i’m sure the owners of one would be happy.

Hehe yeah. I merged the two threads but my post was 1 minute before yours. :wink:

Merry Christmas to you as well and to everyone else in the LiteOn forum. :slight_smile:

:iagree: Yeah, I’m planning to plug my 832 into my main pc during the holidays…
It would be nice… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m impressed as well. I have to admit that I thought BS0S would be the last for the 1633S.

I’ll definitely do a CG5M but I’m going to be quite busy for the next few weeks. I never created a patcher for the CG firmware, always thinking it would be the last, so I have to do it manually. I’ll have to see how different the two firmwares are. :wink:

:bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Me too. Maybe the 1693S is still that good that there is no need for a new firmware :stuck_out_tongue:

Merry X-Mas and happy holidays

Strange that 16H5 don’t have LS0V as it was with previous 1635/16H5 updates.

Is there any news on checksum?

832S says support new media, its still the same amount as VS0J :rolleyes:

Actually there is new firmwares for:


SOHC-5236V R$0C

All dated 2005/12/23

Want to try CS0T, but Omnipatcher 2.4.2 doesn´t support it.

When I click the 2.5, it want to download 2.4.2?

Good to know that Liteon carries on supporting the older models. It is a good indication that after-sales services means something to them, and this is something that not many compamnies can boast about…

Best wishes to all forum members for good & safe Christmas, and happy burning!

this is has been discussed many times, use 2.4.2 until codeguys releases a fixed new version

omnipatcher 2.4.2 wont open the firmware csot at the moment its still scrambled…
so u will ave to wait until the codeguy’s :bow: have time to release a unscrambled version that omni can use or just flash it as it is
heres a few scan’s of csot media burnt@ 8x

Hi C0deKing.

Can you please post a descrambled version of latest firmware of 16P9S drive? I tryied to load it in omnipatcher but I wasn’t able because official firmware is scrambled.

Many thanks

Coundn’t you load the firmware in your drive normally and then extract it to a .bin file using LtnFW then use omnipatcher on the .bin file, then flash the new “omnipatched” .bin file to your drive using LtnFW?

Sorry, :o I didn’t knew this procedure.

I’ll read more about LtnFW

Thanks for suggestion :slight_smile: