LiteOns are much better readers than BenQ or LG...Read WHY

I was finally able to make the distinction using one of my badly burnt DVDs.

See the scan in the attachment. Both my benQ 1640 and LG DVD ROM were unable to copy some files on this disc. However my older Sony 700UL had no issues. Just goes to show that the LiteOns are one of the best reader out there :iagree:

What do you guys think?

well with their “superb” burn quality of burners past, they better have the best reader on earth.

Force the DW1640 to read as slow as the sony/Lite-On and I don’t think there will be a problem. The problem is often that the BenQ doesn’t slow down enough/fast enough to be able to read the disc and thus fails.

Or force the Lite-On/sony to read as fast as the BenQ and I think it will have problems too.

Just my experience though.

My 1693 is the worst of the lot at reading damaged discs - when I have it set for 16x speeds. At 8x settings, it’s about the same.

I find them both about the same, Liteon more so than the Benq.

Sometime’s if one won’t read it the other will,The Liteon is the quickest out of the two…

Most of you use a speed patched FW, and this doesn’t help when reading. I use my liteons with speed patched FW and my BenQ without patch. When my liteons cannot read, my Benq comes to the rescu.