Liteonit JLMS XJ-HD166S Freezes my PC




I have the above DVD-ROM drive and am having problems with it lately. I was able to copy from the DVD-ROM to the CD BURNER in the past but have not been able to lately. I have had the drive just under 1 year now and when I put any type of disc into it the computer freezes. I downloaded the newest Flash drive to it and it said it was successfully installed. However when I put a DVD or CD in the tray it still freezes my PC. The following are the specs on my PC:
Pentium 4 2.8GHz
1 GHz of RAM
Windows XP Professional Operating System
Service Pack 1 installed
P4 P800 Deluxe
ASUS Mother Board
Liteonit CDRW and Liteonit DVD-ROM

Any Ideas?

Stacey :slight_smile:


Hi wheelguy and welcome to the forum ,

Try starting your computer with a bootable cd-rom/dvd-rom disc.
Make sure your bios/setup settings are configured that the omputer first checks your dvd rom player for bootable media.

If that works , there’s nothing wrong with the hardware and it may be a software problem.