liteon832S firmware vsog - discs dont play well now

I flashed my liteon 832S with vsog.exe from the liteon site and ever since then I have experienced ‘disc correction error’ approx half way through a movie when played on my DVD player, - on about 2 out of every 3 i burn - (some of the ‘bad’ discs play OK in a friend’s DVD player though).

I flashed back to vs01.bin using ltnfw and also it shows that vs01 is the current firmware, but unfortunately the problem is still there. (Also nero infotool now doesnt report a serial number for the drive).

It is nearly a year old and i was wondering whether it would be best to send back to where i bought it (bearing in mind i have flashed it) or has anybody any suggestions of what else to try.


@ daisyzappa
Welcome :slight_smile: . You can check your burn results with Kprobe 2.4.3 BLER scans(scanned at 4x scan speed the forum standard for comparison). You can read Interpreting PI/PO error scans to find out what these graphs mean. PI/PO is now referred to as PI/PIF. Roughly, PImax<280; PIFmax<4. Attaching disc quality scans to your post of the offending discs will help us help you.

You will need to share with us what media type you are using and at what burn speed you have used. The Media IDentification(MID) will be displayed in Kprobe at the bottom of the window, like ‘CMC MAG E01’ or ‘YUDEN000T02’, so posting a kprobe scan will tell us the MID, but not the burn speed. Using quality media is essential in getting quality burns.

Thanks for the welcome - and thanks for the info. I will do all you say later on and post.

thanks again.


Hi, Have uploaded 2 KProbe scans + 1 results.txt -

All 3 burned on Datawrite Yellow GP DVD-R 8x but from different batches (as I thought I had a faulty batch so got the discs replaced)

  1. Rear Window burned at 4x -
  2. Phenomena burned at 8 (my normal burning speed).

Also attached the results.txt file for a scan on a disc burned at 8 BEFORE flashing -BIG difference!!

Have I ruined my burner by flashing? - it flashed OK at the time and showed the new firmware of vsog.

Thanks for your help.
Burned at 8x BEFORE flashing
Date : 28/08/2005 19:00:41
Model : 3-0-1-0 E:LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-832S VS01
Disc : DVD-R , TTG02 [TDK Corporation]
Speed : 4x
ECC blocks sum (PI/PIF) : 8/1
Scanned range : 0 - 2290256
Sampling count : 130630
Errors : 0
PI Max : 40
PI Average : 8.27
PI Total : 137660
PIF Max : 9
PIF Average : 0.42
PIF Total : 7065

@ daisyzappa
hey good job on following instructions…nice post…not everybody does it correctly without help the first time :clap: :iagree: .

I think you might have a couple of problems here. I would definitely recommend using better media. you can read around this forum to see what media is good that is available to you in your location. You may want to try +R media as older liteons do better with +R media. You can bitset the booktype if needed, a tool is in kprobe. My favorite is the FujiFilm 8X+R MIJ with the MID of YUDEN000T02. ‘MIJ’ means ‘made in japan’ and is printed by the upc symbol/bar scan. They are made by Taiyo Yuden. The YUDEN000T02 MID is also available under many name brands. But be careful as any specific name brand can supply many different MIDs. Verbatim discs are another good disc to use.

For your scans, the first scan in text format, that looks like it may be OK, but most likely a bad burn. Your Maximum PIFs(the most important number) is 9. If it is a single spike, it may be OK, but if it is 2 or more together, or has a buildup to it, it probably will be trouble(heavy pixelation or freeze), as the highest recommended PIF is 4. Looking at the ‘total PIF’, I would guess that it is not a single spike.

The second scan is OK until the end, where you get two ‘towers’ of PIFs that are well over 4. This disc may read fine until the end, where you will definitely have problems, possibly just heavy pixelation, but more likely a freeze.

The third scan is definitely a coaster from beginning to end. I would guess that you experienced many buffer underruns during the burn. This means the HDD could not supply data fast enough for the burn and the led light on your burner probably turned from red to orange a lot, maybe every 10 seconds or so. It is very possible that your DMA was turned off after your flash and reboot. This has happened to others before. You will need to delete the IDE channel your burner resides on in ‘device manager’ and reboot your system. Windows will redetect the burner and reinstall it with DMA enabled. You can check to see if your ‘current transfer mode’ is ‘ultra dma mode 2’ in ‘device manager’. It may be possible that you are multi-tasking during a burn as well. I would recommend that you close all programs and do nothing during burning. Also, make sure your source HDD is defragged often. I am assuming your burner and HDD are on separate IDE channels(NOT master/slave on the same cable). If not, they need to be.

So, try better media, check your dma, and try another burn without anything running and see if you get better results. Post your new scans…good luck

Thanks for all the info. Ill carry out my new instructions :). (the dma is OK). Im not sure about the cables though. I have always used the Yellow Datawrite for about a year now and I’ve never had this problem before.

However, I have a couple of Imation discs, so i’ll try one of those and do it without multi tasking and report back. Ill also do a defrag.

Thanks so much for your help.

Hi there, Ive checked the DMA which was fine and Ive defragged and burnt another disc at 4x without multi tasking. Ive enclosed that Kprobe image result.

I was thinking of sending it back as i noticed it has one week to go under the year guarantee, but was worried as there is no serial number coming up under Nero Infotool after i flashed back to vso1. I also am not too good at dismantling the computer, screws and all that!!

Do you think there is any way to rescue this drive without me returning it? Or any other suggestions?

Thanks for your help so far.

@ daisy zappa
As I see it you have some options, listed in order of best to worst.

  1. The fast,easy way…try to return it…maybe they’ll give you a 1693! Removing a drive isn’t too hard…just a couple of plugs and a couple of screws…just unplug the system first :cool: .
  2. Do this fast, as you may still want to return it after this…Try flashing your firmware to the official VS0G, the latest version for your drive…it should improve things for you, as VS01 is very old. After flashing to VS0G, try using the EEPROM Utility to ‘reset learnt media’. Read the ‘readme’ to find out how…its easy…this will clear the memory of your very bad burns and let your drive ‘relearn’ how to burn…and get better media. You need better media to eliminate that as a possible cause. The two I mentioned have a very high, consistent burn quality rate.
  3. If you have tried VS0G again with better media after resetting learnt media memory and it is still burning poorly, try to return it…not much hope left.
  4. If you’ve gotten this far without good results, and you can’t/don’t want to return it, you may be ready to flash to CG5G firmware, by this forums’ C0deguys. This will void your warranty, but it may help. Many people on this forum use it, including myself. It is VS0G firmware, modded to improve performance, but usually you need good performance first. You can flash to this by using OmniPatcher. Do not expect miracles :frowning: …let us know how it goes and good luck

anyone else on the forum have any ideas, please feel free to jump in…

Thanks for the advice. Ill mull over the options and let you know.

Thanks very much for all your help.