LiteOn401s(buslink dvrw412rq) question

This is the burner I’ve got. Do I need firmware updates? How do I get them. I would like to be able to make discs that I can play in my Toshibas sd 4900, sd 9200, and svc391. What do I nedd to do? Does this burner burn dvd-r’s? Thanks.

not in the current form but if you search for 401 @ 411 or 401 @811 you can find a way to change the model to a multiformat model… although royalty were not paid to the dvd forum for the ability to do -r and that was quite a problem early on.

the other option is that you can try the bitsetting tools (autobitset patcher, liteontorom.exe, the liteon bitsetting tool) to change how the discs report themselves to dvd-ROM instead of dvd+r which should greatly increase your compatibility.

check the lieon tools thread at the top of the first page to find both of these things

So if I do the change to 811, I should be able to record dvd-r’s !? Thanks. D

Yes, you will. For that, go to ,register there and download Z-Mod V4. Read the enclosed instructions VERY CAREFULLY before applying the mod.

You should go 401S@411S first. Make sure that is working good then use the Z-mod to go 411S@811S.

The 411S will add 4x -R and 2x -RW speeds.
The 811S will add 8x +R on top of that.

Be aware that overall the LiteOn burners (especially the __1S models) like +R media better than -R. There also seems to be more higher quality +R discs compared to -R. Bitsetting a +R disc makes it as compatible if not more that -R so I would stick with +R media anyway. Also, using the Omnipatcher you can usually burn decent quality +R 4x media at 8x (if you go to a 811S).

Be aware this voids any warranty you have left and the 411S@811S Z-mod is a little more dangerous then just doing 401S@411S (because you have to modify the EEPROM). If you are going to do it ensure you flash the correct drive (if you have more then one) and backup your EEPROM in a couple separate places (i.e. email a copy to yourself and have one on your PC etc) so you can go back if you encouter any problems.
As always, if you have questions ask! That’s what forums are for. Read around and use the search function, the same questions are usually asked ans answered many times :smiley:

what ssseth said… i am not a big -r fan and bitsetting does the job for me.

it also leaves your warranty intact and your drive. the road to OC’ing is paved with dead drives…

Well, I went ahead and used the firmware and now the drive thinks it’s a 811s.
I also downloaded the think that changes the booktype to dvd-rom.
I haven’t burnt any dvd-r’s yet. Maybe I’ll buy a few tonight.
Thanks for all your help.

Any loss in quality in burning at a fast speed?

thatr depends on the media some are fine some suck. have fun!

Learn how to use Kprobe (see tools sticky at the top of this forum) and scan your burns and compare 4x to 8x for yourself :iagree:

FYI, It’s a nice idea to use the OmniPathcer so your +R discs are always burnt to -ROM by default. That way you don’t have to bother with the booktype tool.