Liteon241040 error correction

I have a liteon241040 with latest firmware.When burning
sd2 and choose fast skip errors and no error correction clone
switches it to hardware error correction saying the liteon does not
support current setting.Is this normal the backups work with
hide cdr but don’t work in my 32xpioneer scsi.

thxs :confused:

try using software error correction

Yes this is normal and it works perfectly !!

However CloneCD should not enable error correction by itself !!

thx to all.
Saved clone log file as text and heres a bit of it.

W 19:59:11 LITE-ON LTR-24102B does not support current Fast Error Skip settings!
W 19:59:11 Changed error correction mode to Hardware Error Correction.

Every time you choose none it does it.If anyone else has the
same drive can you have a look and pass it on,would put
my mind at rest.

thx again

I have the same LiteOn 24x model and it does the same. There is a similar thread in the LiteOn forum. But anyway here is the answer to your question:

CloneCD does not automatically change the setting back. The setting couldn’t be set in the first place. The description in the log about changing back to hardware error correction setting is wrong. It should really say something like this:“Cannot change drive to software error correction mode, drive is still set in hardware error correction mode.”

Anyway, this doesn’t affect SD2 backups - because CloneCD will replace unreadable sector with another made up unreadable sector - you can see these by using a hex editor on the CD image. The unreadable sectors are filled with hex values 55h. SD2 can read them so it doesn’t know they are different.

If you really want to know the difference here it is:

The difference is that if your drive supports setting to software error correction and the none setting the drive can actually read corrupted sectors with C2 or EDC/ECC errors and therefore be able to copy those corrupted sectors. Currently it seems only Plextor drives can support this.

Sorry, I meant SD2 cannot read the corrupted sectors.

Truman has stated some excellent points (thank goodness - I get accused of techno babble all the time).

Most notably, EC is set as soon as the IDE/SCSI bus scan is made. While you might change EC from Hardware to Software in the dialogue window it never really changes hence the error message.

Critics of CCD say that images are not 1:1, however, the SD2 error sectors are just binary rubbish which is replicated as binary rubbish in the write. You can’t write what can’t be read!

The settings are hidden away a little as they are set and forget.

Thx for all the info.