LiteOn1693s vs. Benq dw1640, who wins?

we have almost the same price of the two burners above sold here (about390-399rmb)

which is the better one?

i heard that 1640 seems good at the beginning but will malfunction after several months. is it true?

thx for your opinion!

get the 1693s or wait a few months for the 5s series.

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thank you for your kind advice

You truly can’t go wrong with either drive. You need to assess your needs. I reviewed them both (links in signature), but I will give you the bottom line:

The LiteOn 1693S is a great all around drive. It could read faster, and it had a problem writing a DVD-RW disc. Other than that, it does very well on a wide variety of tasks. If this is your only drive, it is a very strong choice.

The Benq 1640 (I tested the Plextor 740A which is identical except for firmware) is a really fast reader. It has slightly better writes on DVD+R and DVD-R media. It also does well on both + and - rewritable media. It had trouble on the DL DVD+R disc, but others haven’t reported this problem.

Both drives are quiet, ship with Nero, and have shorter chassis.

Good luck with your choice!

I’m a BenQ 1640 fanboy. It’s got WOPR, Bit Setting enabled in the BIOS by default, is quiet, well designed, supports Burn Quality Checks, has Qsuite 2 and is like $45 or less at Newegg.

Top of the heap in this AnandTech review of 16x burners:

I got one and totally, totally dig it. :slight_smile:

is it true that you heard that the 1640 seems good at the beginning but will malfunction after several months ? Probably - I’m sure that I can trust you :smiley:

is it true that it will malfunction after several months ? Probably not. Never had a BenQ that failed so my guess is that you heard it from someone with a grudge.

How is anyone supposed to know what to believe when rumors abound?

I think it would be great if folks would provide LINKS to the sources where they read this stuff. It might help us allunderstand things a bit better, I would think.