LiteOn1693S is now Sony DRU 800A

I’ve been away ill. Ready to go now. While gone Grandson messed thing up totally. Reformatted and what was once a LiteOn is not a Sony!!!

The drives are probably 2 years old and after loading there appears to be no update on Firmware on either. Found an update Firmware for LiteOn 1693S and when trying to Flash it, got a window that said “this firmware is not for installed Sony 800A,” or something similar.

I’m an Old Man and a Newbie together. Just think, how handicapped I am!

Requesting help as I don’t know how to straighten things out.

Also have a NEC ND3450A furnished in this Dell PC.

That’s okay if it’s shown as a Sony (with latest firmware version KY06). If it ain’t broke, no need to fix it. Crossflashing firmwares (1693S to 800A and back) can be found at “”.

Thanks Cressida. The Firmware for the once “LiteOn Now Sony” is KC4B. I’m going to guess that is out of date. Would you comfirm that please.

Again, thanks for responding.

No problem. KC4B is in fact a patched (improved) 1693S firmware, but you can change the drive ID to 800A in there with a tool called OmniPatcher (before flashing the firmware). Again, this has no (negative) influence on the functioning of the drive - it’s more a cosmetic thing, so you can leave it at KC4B / DRU-800A.

So I think I will leave it as is. No reason to chance a screw up which I’m famous for.

Really appreciate the information.


To make it more confusing, your drive may suffer from multiple personality disorder like mine. Consider this CDspeed scan. It was burned and scanned on the same drive.

As you may know, the DVD-R spec. requires the burner’s model number be recorded on the disc. Apparently the DVD-R mechanism used to get the model number is different from that used by everything else.

This drive was sold as a Lite-On so I don’t know why it sometimes thinks it’s a Sony. But it works well and that’s what count.

If you can find it, try “Drive Image 2002”. The program exists on two floppies. I know there are other applications, but this one is extremely easy to use.

Boot to floppy 1, put in floppy 2, then select drive or partition to image. Image your selection to your hard drive. Burn that image to CD, CD’s, or a DVD, and you can have your hard drive or a partition restored in less than 30 minutes.

It doesn’t work with USB, but who cares … very easy to use. :bow:

And that’s exactly what my drive is doing. Impersonating a Sony!!

DRU-800A and DW-Q28A are Sony’s retail and OEM/bulk versions respectively of the Lite-On SOHW-1693S. Identical hardware (except front bezel), different firmware versions.

The “recorded with” thing is normal with all Lite-On’s that have Sony rebadges. :slight_smile:

Is there a way, (fairly simple) for me to get it back to LiteOn. Just liked it that way. Never have had a liking to Sony. I realize there is no or little difference but still would like to get the disk titled LiteOn again.

Back to the latest official Lite-On firmware KS0B:

Back to the Codeguys’ tweaked KC4B (same as you have now, but with SOHW-1693S drive ID:

Unrar and run the .exe to flash your drive (there’s two versions of KC4B, don’t use the 800A version obviously, or you’ll be back where you started from :slight_smile: ).

Thanks Cressida.

I’m going to try to do exactly what you said a little later tonight. I’ve never had the reason or opportunity to do something like this. Sure hope I don’t screw up.


[QUOTE=Cressida]Back to the latest official Lite-On firmware KS0B:

Back to the Codeguys’ tweaked KC4B (same as you have now, but with SOHW-1693S drive ID:

Worked just as you said it would. Sure appreciate your help.


Usually also the unique burner’s serial number is recorded on the DVD-R(W) (dash only) disc. LG, Pioneer burners do that.
But LiteOn burners respect your privacy and don’t do that :slight_smile:

I wish I’d known sooner. The constant worry that someone would find out my burner’s serial number has been keeping me up nights. But it seems I needn’t worry because I have only LiteOns :bigsmile:

Seriously though, it might be a good idea if the serial number appeared on my CDspeed scans. I have two burners of the same model and the only way I can tell which is which is by having different firmware versions in them.