I have a LiteOn SHW-160P6 and I can’t burn any movies with it. I can burn CDs with no trouble. I went and dwonloaded the new firmware and it didn’t help. Everytime I try to burn it causes the computer to shut down after about 50% through the burn. I have put the Liteon in 2 other computers and it does the same thing on the other computers. Can anyone help me?

check your hdd. if the dada is faulty you’re not gonna be able to burn it.

just my 2 cents

I don’t think the HDD could be at fault as i have put this drive in a total of 3 computers and it does the same thing on each of the computers. It doesn’t matter what movie i try to burn when it gets to about 50 % it causes the computer to shut down.

Thanks Anita

Are you burning to SL discs or DL discs? I ask because at 50% it would do a layer break on DL media.

My guess would a faulty drive actually so if it’s in warranty I’d return it. Likely a power supply problem with the burner would be my hunch.

What would happen if you did a transfer rate test in Nero’s CD-DVD Speed. This would push the rpm right up just as burning would do.

I’m burning to SL discs. Actually i don’t use Nero and if I did i don’t know how to do the transfer rate test. I use DVD Fab.
It’s still on warranty but Walmart won’t take it back because i don’t have my sales slip any longer. So i guess I’m SOL!!!