Liteon XJ-HD166s not able to read dvd+r dl?

according to the german c’t magazine, the XJ-HD166s is not able to read the second layer of dvd+r dl(regardless if the book-type is +r dl or -rom) discs. can anyone confirm this? i want to buy this drive, but if it can’t read dvd+r dl i will buy an aopen.

Um, it’s kinda hard to confirm this when virtually nobody has burned DL media.

It could also be that the burn was just not a good burn. It’s no secret that the discs produced by the first generation of DL burners have compatibility problems with many drives, not just the 166S. Perhaps in the future, with newer firmwares for DL burners, things will get better.

I’ll test it out later today.

It was the test of a Philips dl recorder, the media was form Mitsubishi and the quality was quite good(tested by, the 166s was the only drive in the compatibility test which could not read the second layer, there were no problems reading the first layer. Of course there were other drives with general problems.

MayB Lite-On Will Release A New Firmware 4 The 166S To Address This Problem.
If This Is The Case And Theres No Fix Coming soon, I’ll B Replacing All My 166S In
My PC’s With 812S As They R Such A Good Reader. (Good Burner 2 Boot Aswell.)

DVDINFOPro v2.51
Reports 166S Not Supporting DVD+R DL

Nero InfoTool
Reports 166S Not Supporting DVD+R DL

Zebra did you get a chance to test it yet?

Hi Ssseth - as requested:

Hi all,

   Thought I should finally share the love, now that I can with some DL media:
   This is just MKM - all that could be aquired at the time.

[b]DVDInfoPro3.0 Beta CRC scan[/b]
 [b]DVDInfoPro3.0 Beta PI/PO scan[/b]
 [i]Pay close attention to the scale[/i]
   Well, to say the least, I am bloody stunned. Playback on set-top was PERFECT. [b]The JLMS-166S is a 100% failure at reading this media. =(.[/b]
 Oh...yeah, almost forgot - to my friend....
                     Much respect to you Herrie. ;)

Thanks Zebra. :smiley:

Let’s hope a firmware update will fix the reading problem with the 166 as it’s a very popular DVD-ROM drive and I know tons of people own one.
Now I’m curious if the 167 will have the same reading problem…

Strange - my 165 reads dual layer media, as shown in my DL preview article. So shouldn’t the 166 do it?


Could be f/w to f/w variation in this case. IF I manage to get my hands on another disc, I will try again, with an updated DL f/w for my NEC2500@2510.

After OC telling me how his media was recorded, I think we can put this down to the f/w I used to write the media with. KP02 for the NEC ND-2510A.

Some more results…anyone?

Tested - works perfectly fine here.

Disc written with BenQ DW830A firmware B4A8 as DVD+R DL booktype.

Looks like it depends on which burner the disc is from.
Anyone Burn a DL disc with a 832S or 700A and check compatibility with LiteOn or any other DVD-ROM drives?

I burnt a Dual Layer DVD+R Verbatim and posted the scan in the Media forum.

I tested the disc on a 401@811 (not recognized at all)
I tested the disc on a 451@851 (not recognized at all)

I flashed 832S VS01 on the 451 and was able to read the
DL DVD+R disc perfectly and do a kprobe!

Seems like Liteon needs to upgrade their firmwares to read
these new dual-layer (or double layer) media.

Toshiba SD-M1712 and Toshiba SD-M1802 read the disc fine.

nods I tested this a while back. Reads just fine. Doesn’t burn, though…

Seems like Liteon needs to upgrade their firmwares to read
these new dual-layer (or double layer) media.

That’s wonderful! (no, seriously) Maybe this’ll mean that LiteOn will release more firmwares! :smiley:

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LiteOn should put you and c0deking on the payroll because the work you’ve done on tools/firmware has no doubt sold it’s share of drives. :smiley:
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I sent email to a bunch of manufacturers (including Lite-On) asking if their drives could read DVD+R DL media but haven’t heard back.

I actually had placed an order for the XJ-HD166S drive just this morning because I wanted to run the DL media I burned on my ND2500A -> ND2510A drive through Kprobe and CDSpeed. Glad I found this thread.

Besides the SOHW-832 and Sony DRU-700A, does anyone know of a drive that works with Kprobe and CDSpeed and reads DL media?

This is information direct from Liteon - correspondence…

My first message -

The question is sent from somebody
Area: America / Canada Area

Problem: Others

Title: New Firmware to read DVD+R DL Discs for 401/411/811/451/851

Content: I currently have a 811S and 851S Liteon drive. I also have an NEC
2510 burner. I just
burned a Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x disc on the NEC and it played back fine on
that same drive. I tried
to test that same DVD+R DL disc on the 811S and 851S drives and NEITHER of
them recognized the disc.
They didn’t even acknowledge that there was a disc in the drive. I FORCED a
832S VS01 firmware onto
the 851 and was now able to read the DVD+R DL disc with no problems. I
understand this is new media
and technology and just came out, but when can we expect some firmware
updates that will allow the
Double Layer disc reading, as you specify in the product specifications?

Their first reply —

From: []On
Behalf Of
Sent: Tuesday, June 01, 2004 10:57 AM
Subject: Re: Message From Lite-On WebSite

The Lite-On drives you mentioned support DVD read compliant: DVD single /
dual layer ( PTP / OTP ).
Make sure that the media you are attempting to read are PTP/OTP compliant
discs. Lite-On does not
have an authorized firmware download for the SOHW-832S drive. Only use
firmware updates designated
for that drive and any unauthorized firmware updates will void the drives

Thank you for contacting Lite-On Tech Support. If you reply please include
all previous emails.

Best Regards,

Lite-On (USA) Tech Support

My Reply back to them –

The DVD+R DL I’m trying is brand new

Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4X media

The Verbatim 811 and 851 DO NOT recognize the disc
at all, but any DVD-ROM (Tested in Toshiba M1712 and M1802)
read the disc fine, as well as standalone DVD players.

Media Code for the Verbatim DVD+R DL disc is MKM 001
made by Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. for Verbatim.

Their official reply back to this…

From: []On
Behalf Of
Sent: Wednesday, June 02, 2004 12:32 PM
To: somebody
Subject: RE: Message From Lite-On WebSite

The LDW-811S and LDW-851S are able to read DVD-ROM (Dual Layer) discs.
Although there are no
definite release dates on firmware updates, they are always being developed
and tested.

Thank you for contacting Lite-On Tech Support. If you reply please include
all previous emails.

Best Regards,

Lite-On (USA) Tech Support

I’ve since tested another DVD+R DL burn and this time I bitset it to -ROM
The disc now reads in the liteon 451 and 851 drives.

So… as long as you BITSET your DVD+R DL burns, it should read fine,
but if you don’t bitset, the drive WILL NOT recognize the media for
what it is. And maybe they will release some firmware updates… who knows.

Hopefully any liteon owners that see this, also write Liteon and demand
some new firmware that will recognize DVD+R DL media!