Liteon XJ-HD166S EEProm may not be required?

I accidentally wrote my orginal 811s eeprom to the 166s and started to get the flashing green led. well I had a backup of my firmware in a bin format and using ltnflash 1.24 I was able to fix the drive by loading the bin and checked update and update boot code.

it flashed and now my drive is back to normal.

hope this works for others out there

I had a backup of my firmware in a bin format

Must users don’t make a good backup, that’s why they are asking for eeprom’s

it wasn’t a eeprom I backed up but just the firmware. What I flashed back was just the firmware. what the problem was, I accidentaly flashed the dvd 166s drive with the 811 eeprom which I was trying to flash my 811s.

All I flashed back to the 166’s was the firmware not the eeprom. This some how fixed my problem . All I can see in a eeprom save is tst1 and tst2, The dvd drive working normally and I can’t tell that there are any issues reading, ripping etc.

I think EEPROM and Firmware means the same.

Originally posted by redie
I think EEPROM and Firmware means the same.

No… They’re not the same.


it seems to me that 811 eprom and the 166´s one are different in terms of length. I also did the same mistake :wink: I dunno if eprom and firmware are stored in the same physical eeprom, but if so it could be possible that overwriting the 166s eprom also alters the firmware?!? /me also noticed that flashing the wrong eprom to my 166 also caused lt***** to hang so i had to terminate it manually.

yes eeprom and firmware are much different in length. I’m not an expert so I don’t know why flashing with the firmware also checking to update boot code fixed my problem. without checking update bootcode my problem of the flashing led still existed even after a reboot. Does the firmware ovewrite area of the eeprom I don’t know but I got a copy of the eeprom and looking at it has the same data that shows up after the firmware flash so maybe it does ???

My guess is that you did not ever change the EEPROM on your 166S, but you did misflash the drive’s firmware. If it was still detected, but had a flashing light, then it was “running” on the bootcode section.

when flashed the eeprom and re-read the eeprom off of the DVD it had the 811 info on the eeprom. So yes I did accidentally flashed the DVD with the 811 eeprom. Even after I rebooted and I re-read the eeprom it still had the 811 eeprom info on the DVD so while I was waiting for someone to send me the orginal eeprom and said it can’t hurt if I check update boot code and presto the flashing led went away and I re-read the eeprom and the 811 info was gone and it now read tst1 and tst2 which after I got a eeprom from a nice member it had on the eeprom info tst1 and tst2. Go figure I don’t know if it was a miracle but all I can say it work for me