LiteOn XJ-HD166, do i need firmware?

I just got this drive today to replace my old DVD drive, because it ripped DVDs at 2x, which took about 50 mins. Now I have this new drive because I was told it rips at like 9x without hacking the firmware. I just ripped a DVD to test and it went at 3500kb/s. Faster than my old one, but thats no 9x certainly.

Do I need to upgrade the firmware? And if so, which and how?

Anyone? I need this thing working right soon.

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Anyone? I need this thing working right soon.

Unfortunately, my 166S drive is currently about a couple thousands miles away at home (don’t have it with me here at school), so it’s a drive that I’m not very familiar with… but since no other 166S owners have answered…

Something seems to be wrong. As far as I know, the 166S doesn’t have any sort of a speed lock on it (someone please correct me if I’m wrong, at least, if there is one, it shouldn’t be that low), so you shouldn’t be getting speeds that low. I don’t think that firmware is the problem and that more likely, it’s a problem with your system setup, with the disc, or with the drive itself (physical problems).

Try doing this… put a disc in your drive and run Nero CD/DVD-Speed (if you don’t have it, it’s freeware, and it’s available at ). Do a transfer test and post a picture of what it looks like.

Also, I also have a NEC 2500A. How should I have them setup? Right now, they are set to cable select. Should I have them as master/slave? And what about DMA and PIO modes?

All drives should be set to DMA.

I’m confused. I said that when you ripped a movie, you never passed 3500 KB/s. But this graph shows that when ripping a -R disc (where the speed is halved because all drives are programmed to read burned discs slower than pressed discs), it had a perfect reading curve that went up to as high as 8x (10000 KB/s)…

When you got the 3500 KB/s max speed, was that when you were copying on the fly, from drive to drive?

Well I didnt let it go all the way through, cuz i was just testing it real quick. I let it go for about 10 mins.

I thought they read at the same speed all the way through though. So its working correctly, it just doesnt rip at the same speed the whole time? Im new to this whole ripping a dvd then burning it. I just barely got a DVD burner 3 weeks ago.

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So its working correctly, it just doesnt rip at the same speed the whole time?

This is true for all DVD drives. In order to rip the speed at the same rate, you’ll need to maintain the same linear velocity, which means that the angular velocity must increase as you get close to the center. Problem is, at high angular velocities, the disc will explode from being spun too fast, which is why drives use CAV–constant angular velocity. They spin the disc as fast as it can go, which means that at the inner portion of the disc, the linear velocity will be lower than the outer portion. So a 16x max DVD-ROM usually starts out at a bit less than 8x and works its way up to 16x. In your case here, you’re reading a burnt disc, and because burnt discs are harder to read than pressed discs, most burners will halve the reading speed.

So in short, this is normal.

I tried to use a regular DVD, the closest one near me was Star Wars Episode II but it gave me some kind of protection error.

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some kind of protection error.

Huh? Protection error? Strange…

SW Ep 2 is dual-layer, so it’ll be limited to a max of only 8x.

What firmware version is yours? There is a DS1C version out at the moment, while my one has DS1A which I just bought today.

Here’s the firmware page:

dangerous bros have a modified DS1C which is 12X or 14X rpc1, look around some firmware sites for it.

The thread for The Dangerous Brother hacked firmware is here:

What happens if I flash the hacked firmware and something happens? Is the drive dead?

Define “something”… lightning hitting your computer, earthquake, tornado, someone taking a chainsaw and cutting through your drive, etc. will result in a dead drive.

If your computer crashes or if the flash gets interrupted in a way that does not involve physical violence, you can still recover your drive.

Well I think the reason Im only ripping at 4x is because of my CPU speed. Because Ive done 1:1 rips with DVDShrink, and it went up to 14x. My CPU is 1.3ghz P4, pretty dated. Im doing an upgrade this year, but Im waiting on PCIExpress.


I just got a new Dell PC with XJ-HD166. Since it’s only 3 weeks old, I suppose (hope) it has the latest firmware. But I’ve been having “error reading disc” issue when creating dual-layer DVD images using Nero then realized current fw is DD05. (I have a dvr-108 as my burner but like to use other drive for ripping) How old is my current fw??? I see that the ones listed on Liteon web site is DS… or is that for different model?
And what are those letters after “xj-hd166”?
DVDinfo on this drive shows that it does not support reading DVD-9 but it can play any movies on dual layer just fine. What am I reading wrong?

Another note on reading DVD-9 on this drive using Nero is that does NOT even see any media (track) if it’s DVD-9 but, at least, see it, tries to read and starts to create image. Although it fails every time.

Only the most recent DS1E firmware supports the reading of unbooktyped +R DL discs. Update to DS1E… (you will need to FlashFix DS1E.EXE in order to do so).

I can read the data on this disc (navigation map dvd) using windows explorer. It’s just the Nero burning ROM that’s having this problem. Why is that?
& should the DVDinfo say this drive supports reading DVD-9 'cuz it doesn’t.
Lastly, what’s the difference between Dell’s firmware (currently DD05, Dell has DD06 now) and the LJMS’s firmware?