LiteOn writing quality


I have a number of LiteOn DVD writers and clones of B, C, E and F revisions. I currently use an iHAS124 B (cross-flashed from Asus) and an iHAS122 C. Both have latest firmware and SB enabled, all other firmware options are currently disabled. I mostly use these for scanning, but on occasions I tried them with MCC 004 media and the results were far from impressive. The same media write much better using the Samsung drives I usually use for this purpose. Is there something I could do to improve burning quality? I usually use 4x with “problematic” media and 8x-12x with others. One recent suggestion was to try a different write strategy, but this involves re-flashing firmware and I am not sure if it is worth the trouble. Am I expecting too much from LiteOn?


You can try “Force(d) HyperTuning” (or, depending on the software, just enable HyperTuning). This assumes the drives do not automatically enable HyperTuning (active OPC with automatic disc learning) for that media anyway.

You can also try Online HyperTuning (active OPC, doesn’t learn the disc), though this may not change much, and again assumes the drives do not automatically turn it on.


I previously tried Force HT and Online HT and results just got worse. I don’t remember trying to disable SmartBurn. Anyone tried this?