Liteon writer not reading any dvd but reads cd



my dvd writer that is
Type : DVD±R/RW DL Recorder
Firmware Version : KL0P
Buffer Size : 2 MB
Date : 2008-02-13]
just not reading any type of dvd media whether full or blank dvd ,but is able read cd well.its just happen after two unsuccessful burning.

nero crashed at 99%.(wrtex dvd+r)
burn fails at 1%(sony dvd-r)
error fron log “No seek complete”

i also noticed that lg combo on same cable is also not reading dvds.both drive are not reading,why is that ?


Jumpers set correctly on back?


Burners have two separate lasers, one for DVD and another for CD media. If one of the two fails, the other can still work perfectly. This could explain why your drive works with CD but not with DVDs.

To exclude some sort of software problem, you can run two tests.

  1. Install the drive on another computer

  2. Try to boot the computer from a DVD. You can use for example a live distribution of Linux to run this test. Sabayon is a good example, but you can get any distribution you like, providing that is burned on a DVD disc :slight_smile:

If on another computer the drive works correctly, then there is something wrong in your machine.

If the computer is able to boot from a DVD, then the drive is not damaged, and again there is something wrong in your operative system.

In both cases, the most extreme (but also the most effective) solution is a fresh install of the operative system.


pc don’t boot from ubuntu linux using that drive.recently i have updated the that be the culprit or laser is dead.
and is it be better to buy a new drive or repair it?

And jumper are set as master for liteon drive and slave for lg combo.


LG combo has diffiulty in reading some is ImgBurn show

Liteon drive-device not ready (no reference postion found)
LG Combo-device not ready (no medium)


Can you try to use each drive one at time? i.e. connect first only the liteon, test the drive and then only the combo. If everything works correctly when drives are not connected together, then there is something that cause conflicts when both drives are connected.


Do you have an 80 wire ide cable or the 40 wire…?


i have 80 wireide cable and tried in another pc,but same problemmoreover both drive don’t workeither when connecte individualy.