Liteon wont reckonise cd's no more?

Hi all was ok until i canceled a job just as i pressed start using diskjuggler and now its dead ? ive un installed it , reflashed it etc changed the ide cable it was a drive that is working on the same ide and still wont read ant cd’s ?


And your OS is?
Did you remove the IDE controller from device manager and reboot?

Hi mate i deleted ide controller and ide device etc in system , my op is xp , i unconected one of my other drives that is working and plugged the one that isnt and it still doesnt ? ive flashed it etc still no joy , nero cd speed and all progs see it but its as if its got no blank in or cd ?

What about the offending program, have you uninstalled that and cleared the registry?

i un installed it and then reinstalled it and used restore on xp still no joy ? ill take it out and try in another pc but i think its
nackered .

I have a hard time believing a software could kill a drive, but if so, I’d kill the software for sure. :a

its dead ? just put it in to diferent pc and it sees it etc by the drive is as though its empty ? write this is how it happened

using disc juggler ive been writing to both drives at same time only this time i had only selected the one drive so i pressed abort straight after pressing start , it took ages to abort but did eventully but then it said that it didnt hav a blank in so i assumed it wrote a little to it so replaced it with new blank and still the same and the rest is history

ive reflashed it back 2 40x so ill send it back , cant be to much wrong with it ?

thanks for ure help

Even a dead drive can be recognised by the OS. So you can’t even read a data disc in the drive, right? Just bang it on the side of your desk a few times.:wink: Seriously, if it is equally dead in 2 systems, gotta be the drive, doesn’t it?
Bet you’ll think twice before using DiscJuggler again? I have no knowledge of that program, I still can’t imagine how software could kill a drive, maybe a coincidense?

LOL ive tried that thinking that maybe the drive laser is stuck etc lol but havnt had time to put back in to pc lol , but yes the pc picks the drive up etc just when it boots up the light flashes a lot longer than my other liteon and when i put a disk in u can hear it spin but its not reckonised not even disks with stuff on its on a few months old so ill send it back , can they tell its been flashed with 48x firmware ? ive reflashed it back to 40


can they tell its been flashed with 48x firmware ? ive reflashed it back to 40

The CDRW police will be reading this. No, you’ll be fine.:cop:

i bashed it a bit but still no joy , o well hav to make do with just the one 48x for now lol

thanks for ure help