LiteOn will go both ways on blue ray

I just posted the article LiteOn will go both ways on blue ray.

like the Inquirer cornered someone in the know over at LiteOn and they are not
decided yet on which format they will support. But, at least according to the
Inquirer, they will not be…

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This way when one or the other fails, they can get a 2nd sale.

They better find a winner to this format war before we end up with another Beta/VHS DVD/EVD DVD-R/DVD+R HD-DVD/Blue Ray type conflict and eventually end up with our HD-DVD/Blue-Ray/DVD-R-DL/DVD+R-DL/DVD+R/DVD-R/CDR/DVD-ROM/CD-ROM Drives

You forgot DVD-RAM. :+

Strange headline consdiering the article is about LiteOn supporting both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. Does this mean Blu-Ray is winning the press war?

No he didn’t!:B

No he didn’t!:B

The headline says blue ray not blu-ray. It’s a common denominator between both camps-the laser. The war is betweent the camps not the press and what it says is neither side is likely to back down and now we are very likely stuck with 2 formats.
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point made, i retract my former comment.

they also say they are not releasing a combi drive, could be a mistake, the first out with one of them, should dominate the market

I think they should release a combo drive as well. Still, I hope that Blu-Ray goes down. Sure it supports higher storage capacity out of the gate than HD-DVD, but I’m not going to support a format that dials home so that it can get the signal to disable your player. Hollywood and the electronic manufacturers are idiotic to think that all of the next gen DRM is going to do anything to stop piracy. Do they really think that the majority of piracy comes from people making copies directly from a retail player? Most people don’t know how to copy a DVD to another DVD, at least in full quality. Even those that do probably don’t sell/hand out tons of copies to their friends. As a data storage medium, both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray are pretty awesome, I just don’t like all the strings that are attached. Does anyone know what the difference in manufacturing costs is between HD-DVD drives and Blu-Ray? I know that HD-DVD has a cheaper player scheduled (Toshiba’s $500 unit versus $1000+ for a Sony/Samsung/Pioneer Blu-Ray), but I don’t know which one is actually more expensive to produce.

Read BetaNews regarding Blue-Ray issues. HD-DVD will be the winner, with 45GB Maximum Capacity. Blue-ray is going to lose! :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope that Blu-Ray loses because of the DRM. The managed copy offered by HD-DVD doesn’t sound too bad in comparison. I think people have it wrong when they predict that the PS3 will make Blu-Ray the winner. Reportedly, one of the major causes of XBox360 shortages is low yields from IBM on the PowerPC. I think IBM will have a similar yield problem with 3.2GHz Cell processors at 90nm. Unfortunately, IBM is supposedly having some issues with their 65nm process, so that won’t help the cell yields for awhile. I read about the problems with Blu-Ray’s aperture size, but I’m curious to know how much of an effect that will have in the real world. As far as storage size goes, is Blu-Ray only going to launch with 25GB discs? I’ve heard about 50GB discs, but I don’t know if they’re supposed to come later. HD-DVD has 15GB single layer discs, 30GB dual layer discs, and 45GB triple layer discs, correct? Even though there are many companies supporting Blu-Ray, I think Microsoft and Intel both backing HD-DVD pretty much seals Blu-Ray’s fate. I guess we’ll have to wait 'til Blu-Ray fails for Fox to release movies like Fight Club and Warner Brothers to release the old movies in it’s collection, since both companies are being stubborn. :frowning: