Liteon,which one?

hey all,new here and to the world of dvd burning.well,i gotta buy 1 first actually so i figured i could start by asking which is better between these 2 models readily available.

401 or 411s?:slight_smile: it is my intention to burn “backups” of my purchased DVD’s-

ok,theni suppose i shoulda read around a bit.i have now and since ive always had a little bit of gambler in me i just ordered:
DVD+/-RW +/-R LITEON LDW-811S .ill be back with questions i"m sure,thx:)

Just installed DVD+/-RW +/-R LITEON LDW-811S . If you get this drive you will have to update the firmware straight away so as to burn at 8 speed. But hey once you have done that whoooosh 10 mins a copy on dvds depending on size.

Good to see suceess with it:)ok,what cd-media are working well at 8x then?thx:) I guess memorex ranks low,but it seems all the stores here are filled with nothing but them…

Using Infiniti 8x at present. Going to try some 4x when I get them tommorow just to see if they are any good as this is the 1st dvdrw I’ve used.
Have a butchers at my other post any idea’s?

ok,mind to post a link to find 8x media?:)is it pricier?

I buy at computer fairs - never go to shops or cheked for prices on the net. I am one tommorow - if they have a contact address I’ll post it tommorow. I think but don’t quote me the 8x were £12 for 10 and they were selling 4x £20 for 25. I’ll confirm tommorow.

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