LiteOn Warning

This is what I found at the LiteOn firmware download site.

“Customers, please be aware, that LiteON IT will no longer provide services to the products that have been “Illegally Firmware Upgraded”, such as flashing to other models’ firmware.”

Not Happy

So what’s so suprising about this statement?! I don’t get your point…

Funny, theres a thread in the discussion forum on the Lite-on website about the upgrade that is pointing to the “evil” website of macnow.
Seems as if the cdfreaks-moderators are a bit more efficient than the Lite-on webmaster :wink:

If you flash your drive to something other than you bought it then its your tought shit surely.

Why are you unhappy with that statement? You knowingly flash your drive to something its not and then expect Liteon to help you out when it goes tits up? Erm, no, I dont think so.

u mean i can’t void my product’s warranty and then ask for support? how crappy…