Liteon vs teac dvd burning quality

liteon vs teac burning quality, which is better?

liteon vs TEAC DV-W58E 8x DVD+RW
pls state the model drive of the liteon, bte i would like to have comments on liteon 401s(hack or without hack, pls state) vs TEAC DV-W58E 8x DVD+RW burning quality

I know nothing about the Liteon. I do have, however, a TEAC DV-W58E drive and a BenQ DW1620. I’ve had the TEAC drive for over a year and I love it. No problems at all. I went out and bought an additional DVD burner (the BenQ DW1620) based upon the high praises it was given. Frankly, the BenQ drive has given me many headaches while the TEAC drive continues to churn out excellent performance.

I primarily just burn movies and I’ve found that discs burned from the TEAC drive work in every brand player I’ve tried to play them in. In addition, I’ve not run into a problem yet where DVD+R media won’t burn. I primary use Ricoh and Longten media with no problems on the TEAC W58E.

Sadly, I’ve had problems with the BenQ. Just my $0.02.