LiteOn vs. Protected Audio CDs



Has anyone confirmed if the LTR32123S or LTD163 with the latest firmwares can or cannot read through CDS or K2A?

I have both these drives but no protected disks to test them with.


AFAIK,the LTD163 could not rip either 1 of this protections,I tried several software with it…However,with the last firmware,it can play the crappy mp3 player…


CDS100 is still a no-go at least. Only protected audio disc I have…


my ltd163 (GH4W) and ltr-40125s (zsoa) both won’t read CDS200 or K2A…



Why do you use firmware GH4W with the Liteon LTD-163 and not the later firmwares?


I have no problems with my current rpc-1 firmware version, so no use to upgrade the firmware version. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it… (Or does anybody know of something that is really better in the newer firmwares?)