Liteon Variable Write Speed Good for the data?

I am using a liteon 1633sb, and just recently noticed that the drive is using variable write speed for my Sony (Japan) DVD-R 16x discs, if I use anything higher than 4x. There will be variable write speed shades on the disc. It’s somewhat annoying to see the different shades.

So is this good for the data on the disc in the long run?

(I never experienced this with DVD+R discs.)

For my movie backups, I use DVD Decrypter. Data, I use nero.

It’s perfectly normal to see differently shaded circular areas. This is not specific to Lite-On drives and is due to laser power adjustment between different CLV and/or CAV zones, and sometimes within a zone. If the burning drive’s power adjustments are correct, this is actually a benefit in terms of recording quality, not a flaw. Either way, it rarely presents a problem during reading.