Liteon v5005 dvd recorder

We have a liteon v5005 dual layer dvd recorder.
and from Australia.
Noticed it won’t play back in normal dvd players.But it will play back fine in the dvd recorder it self.

so i ripped the burnt dvd on to my pc,and had a look at the folders.
There is 2 folders VIDEO_RM and the usual VIDEO_TS

I’ve noticed that if i burn just the VIDEO_TS to dvd the whole folder then it will play back in normal dvd player.
BUT it depends on what you record and how you record it.

The one that burn’s fine was when you hook DV cam up to it and film and record.IE we produce a few television programs.
Then Rip dvd on to pc and burn just the contents of the VIDEO_TS folder.

But if we hook it up to our tv and record normal live to air television.
It records fine,but if you go to play it back in normal dvd play it doesn’t work.
But it will play back fine in the liteon recorder.

But i don’t have that in my room,just my normal dvd player.
I’ve tryed just burning the VIDEO_TS when i record off tv.
it burns but doesn’t burn it all and it errors.
So you get the menu but the menu won’t work and it only burns like 3 chapters out of the 7 you wanted to burn.

Also i’ve noticed that it is overburning 4.7gb disks to 8.7gb.
The disk says it is 4.7gb but after i drag it to harddrive the dvd folder the VIDEO_TS folder say it is 8.7gb.

This is annoying as i don’t have any 8.7gb disks, so i can’t drag and drop VIDEO_TS on to pc and burn just the VIDEO_TS folder
I think if i could then it may play back fine.
But those disks cost like $10-15 AU.

Anyone else got any suggestions.
I gather that VIDEO_RM is some kind of copy protection???
If anyone could shed some light.please email me

Cheers Kosh

Have you finalized the disc after buring it? If you don’t, only the Liteon drive will be able to read it.

Also - some DVD players will not recognize certain burnable media. You will need to read the docs or check the web to see which media types are good. The Liteon will read, and more importantly, write alll media types.

Yep i always finalise the disks i burn on the liteon recorder.

My NEC can play burnt disk because i use dvd shrink on my pc and make back ups of my dvds and they play back fine.

It just won’t play back the external liteon recorder burnt disks.
Very few will play them back i been told by other ppl,who have tryed.
They disks play back fine in the liteon dvd recorder.
Just a pain i don’t have one for my i can watch dvds.

And i use good TDK 4x r- disks.

The dvd recorder overburns with dvd-rw 4.5gb to make em 8.5gb.