LiteOn v. Adaptec - anyone solved that?

Hi all

I`ve read many post on that and did not found answer.

Ive LiteOn 812S and Adaptec AHA2940U2W scsi controller. When I start LiteOns soft (firmware updates, BookType, SmartBurn)
or Karrs KProbe all this soft hang on starting. I thing it hangs on enumerating hardware. Adaptecs scsi bus stays on endless reset to system restart.

I`ve tested many combination of OS(win2k/xp)/drivers(org.os included and adaptec prop. drivers).
Tested with and without aspi layer (4.60 and 4.71).
All the some efects.

1 way to make it running is to disable adaptecs controller in device manager. Ive also IBM`s ServeRaid 3H scsi controller and with this all works ok.

Any1 any solution/sugestion on that ?
All other stuff works excellent.

Reg. D10T

HW spec:
ASUS P4C800E-dlx, P4 2,8HT, 1GRAM
LiteOn 812s (812S@832S thx Code* :iagree: )
Adaptec AHA2940U2W :PlextorCDROM 32TS,ZIP 100,Seagate streamer 12/24
ServeRaid3H: 3x 20G HDD

On my old m-board asusp2l97 with p2-233 after ca. 10-15 mins
all software started. On new system i`ve waited 6 hour and nothing started.