Liteon USA site

Has anyone else noticed how creepy that kid (pointing the non-liteon remote menacingly) is on the home page for Liteon USA!! I think was in a Stephen King mini-series at some point, or some other horror flick. Figured topic good besides all the cabbag, jitter, and other issues most everyone has discussed!

Also from the LiteOn USA site see this review on the 5005. I wonder if the guy has seen this forum :slight_smile:

Check out the links that scroll by in the press announcements


maybe we oughta email NextGen and Techimo and send them a link to the forum?

I just left NextGen a feedback about their credibility on their site concerning the 5005 review - hit the contact button and send 'em feedback about the review. Maybe this will get things straightened out for those that need it. A little outside pressure.

I just e-mailed NextGen’s Sean Gibson (Author) and smoked him for the review!!

They probably used it for only 30 minutes or so, because any longer than that, the S*&t would hit the fan!