LiteOn US Support Phone Contact Number

LiteOn no longer list their support phone contact number on their website. In fact it’s pretty hard to find if you don’t have your LiteOn box handy.
For those that need it it is:


Hopefully this saves some people a few mins of their time.

Here are a couple more: :slight_smile:
1-888-454-8366 (Drives)
1-888-854-8366 (Recorders)

I have tried these numbers and they are busy. I am trying on saturday. will they work during the week?

I have recently purchased a refurbished Liteon dvd recorder. It quit working right after I received it. I has a 90 day warranty. My problem is i have not been able contact liteon through a phone number to receive instruction how to send it back for repair.

lite on is crap!!! no phone # no cs support on their web site. called the above # transferred to a # that charges for tech support…what the hell!!! tashed the dvd player…piece of junk

do not buy lite on!!!