Liteon tray door not closing exactly


i have liteon40125w. also overclocked to 48125w. This drive is excelent. Everytime 48x on the fly with 24x “data” branded media with the source cdrom asus52x. Burnproof had never run, nero buffer never fallen down 98%. Maybe because of my BX2000+ with 4 ide channel makes all the drives happy.

My only proplem is why the tray door is not closing exactly. There is 0,3mm opening which cannot be noticed, but causing the motor sound be heard as any highspeed cdrom. When i push the door, it is closing with a click feeling and thus preventing the sound completely even during 48x writing cycle. No writer can be as silent as liteon.

Is there anybody who has the same problem? or is my liteon a little bit defective.

Thanks everyone.

note: neither plextor, nor teac, the king is asus52x which is a true success that i have never had such an excellent product in my life.

is not there anybody faceing the same problem???

if i only get a post that your liteon has not the same problem, i will be able to think that i have a defecet on my own

Your liteon is a little bit defective for surre!


My 48x drive has a little black foam seal around the inside of the tray front, is your’s lacking this or is it damaged?

No, dust seal exist. just now i seperated the panel from the tray, and tried out that mechanism is stopping 0,5mm earlier.

So !

i dont want to open the cover and bend the motor close switch 0,5mm. Not important, writing at 48x makes me happy enough.

But i have got an involuntary habit that, whatever i close (my cdrom, tape recorder or any closeable thing) i first close it and than push to exactly close :smiley: :smiley: :a :confused: :stuck_out_tongue:

“Firstly close, than push to close exactly”, this has became the closing action of my life anymore:a

Thanks to everybody, nothing is excellent but the liteons closing properly are excellent:)

happy days in your life…

It’s not the motor, it’s the gear. two of the gears in the lite-on that’s responsible for closing and opening the tray must be misaligned. You could either RMA/return the drive or realign the gears yourself. I opt for the former option. And no, looks like you’re the only one w/ the problem. Must’ve bumped the drive during shipment.

Even if you drive 0.X mm out of completely closed state, might be due to gear backleashes, it really doesnt bother you so much since the centre alignment of the CD when loaded does not depend on such mechanism at all, provided that it is only of the magnitude you mentioned. :slight_smile: