LiteOn Tool Collection and the LVW-5005

I have a LiteOn LVW-5005 which contains a ddw-451s combo burner. I know this isn’t the standalone forum but I figure this is the place to ask this question because this is where the expertise is. Would these tools work on this drive. I can get it hooked up to my PC by attaching a power connection and hooking up the IDE cable. I’m wanting to add more media codes/tweaks for better burns. I’m not worried about speedier burns because it records real time.


I don’t really know the answer to this. If it’s a standard LDW-451S then the tools will work but whether there will be any benefit in using them for a LVW-5005, I have no idea. Maybe this question would get a better answer in the Standalone Forum…

C0deKing - hodr in the Standalone forum had stated he used omnipatcher to use the bitsetting to -rom on +rw media. he was not sure when omnipatcher did the change. I was wondering if it did it as it wrote to the disk or when it finalized it. Ya know, so it could do multisession burns for episodes and then with it omnipatched to finalize as a DVDRom.


C0deKing - I hooked the ddw-451s to my PC, WinXP SP2 and it recognized it as a ddw-451s which it is . I used the firmware tool to back up the firmware and omnipatcher to extract the media code but did not do any tweaks. It’s weird the TYG02 is in the media code table but I’m having trouble with it in the 5005. Weird, and the burn nice in my 832s and 1633s.

We have a situation in the LiteOn Standalone forum where a user had a bad flash on his ddw-813s. Another user who had the same setup did a backup of his ddw-813s firmware to .bin with firmware.exe . The other user is going to attempt to use firmware.exe to reflash his ddw-813s using it. Hopefully it works and us LiteOn standalone users wil have the same options of going back and forth between firmwares, and to try tweaking etc. We’ll keep ya posted

That’s neat. Out of curiosity, could you post these DDW firmwares? I’m a little curious…

Sure I can do the one from my ddw-451s…Man if all these tools work on the LVW like they work on the PC based burners…YIIIIPPPPPEEEEE!

Anything I can do let me know

The .bin is over a MB (1024) where should I put it. And I have the extracted media table also and it’s only 9kb.

here is link for my 451s f/w .bin, media table text file and my eeprom backup.bin

here is a link for the ddw813s f/w. thrunner used firmware.exe to get it.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Ah No, Thank You :bow: :bow: :bow:

I’m (We’re) keeping my/our finger crossed :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Seams to be a SONY DW-D22A firmware (1633 clone) :slight_smile:

@ala42 - Thanks for the reply - Like I said I don’t know what the firmwares are supposed to look like. Thrunner said he pulled out that f/w from a ddw813s…could it be ?

Did ya take a look at the 451s I posted a link for?


Sure, the firmware identifies as LITE-ON DVDRW DDW-813S B2082004/12/24 16:24

Did ya take a look at the 451s I posted a link for?

Identifying as LITE-ON DVDRW DDW-451S G2BD2005/01/11 19:52, the media table best matches to a 851 GS0K, 77 instead of 83 -R codes and (surprise surprise) 2 +R9 codes (GS0K has non). I do not have so many 451 firmwares in my collection and 451 and 851 are quite close, so it is probably a real 451 firmware.

@ala42 - regarding the 451s f/w I pulled that one myself using Ltnfw so I know it is definitely from the ddw-451s. What did you use to look at it and see the identification. Any help would be appreciated. Us 5005 users could use some of it. And any thing i could do to help you also with the LVW ddw- drives let me know

Thanks !!!

I used MCSE and Omnipatcher, which both could read the media tables and a hex editor to look for sony IDs, which I found in the 813 firmware.

Is there a tool to compare 2 .bin firmwares on the HDD. I don’t have my 5005 hooked up to my PC right now. I wanna take a peek. The stock ldw451s I just got from the codeguys site is the same size as the .bin I pulled from my ddw-451s.

The ddw-451s drive looks nothing like the PC based drives. It got a real big plastic housing, I can’t get the tray front/bezel off to remove it from the 5005 so I hook up the drive IDE/power connections to my pc while it is still in the 5005.

All Liteon firmwares have a size off 1 MB. It does not make sense to compare these binary files on byte level, as a single added command will shift the following bytes and change all absolute addresses.

@ala42 - Thanks Again…I think I’m getting ready to give reflashing a try.

@code65535 - does it look like the firmware backup .bin from the ddw drives I posted are ok to use to flash back with. We now know it is the same size as the PC based f/w’s. Does it look like it has the proper layout and correct end of file markers and all that fancy stuff. ala42 ran MCSE on the firmwares and it looked good and verified that it should support. Right now we are at the mercy of Liteon and if we update to get better and it gets worse we can’t flash back using their old f/w because of the checking routine built that prohibits going back. As I mentioned we have one user that is going to try resurrect a dead drive because of a bad flash. I’m thinking if the programs get the firmware out they should be able to get 'em back in.

But I didn’t know if the f/w backup got the whole thing in the proper format.

Thanks !