Liteon times with Burning Proggies



Not entirely the right section other than I am looking for read times with the firmwares for SD2 and Lite-ons.

My experience with a LTR-40125S:

Program Options:

CCD4: (MAX read for Data & Audio, Bad(fastest) for audio extraction, and FES ON).

CDMate: Default Safedisk 2 options

Blindwrite: Puttin Couffin aspi layer and nibble/alt read and subcodes checked.


CCD4: 6:58
CDMATE: 7:40
BlindWrite: 4:20


CCD4: 8:05 to 10+ minutes
CDMATE: 7:42
BlindWrite: 4:10


CCD4: 7:50
CDMATE: 7:40
BlindWrite: 4:17

Why did CCD4 slow so much? And look at Blindwrite--fast, damn fast. All three make perfect SD2.51.024 copies. So I guess I am drivng at:

Who cares how fast you burn if you are spending almost twice the time reading the image?

Souldn't read time factor in as well?

If I can flip a disk in under 10 minutes start to finish (read and write) with Blindwrite, verses 13-15 minutes with CDMATE & CCD, shouldn't this be the goal? Not shaving off 5-10 seconds of burn time.

But, here is the delima--I am still not completely sold on Blindwrite. I still use CCD for most of my backups, but am finding myself using Blindwrite, more and more. Is there some problems with Blindwite I am missing that I should know about? Or is it a familiarity issue which is why I and others seem to stick to CCD?

Just looking for others thoughts and read times.