Liteon Support Answer To 40125W Mount Rainer Feature Support

Here is my second mail to Liteon support :

I’ve already asked but your answer is not good so I ask again and again…

I’ve buy this drive and I haven’t find any solution to have mount rainer support (I’ve buy this drive because It was said It has support for this this)on my drive, without flashing it to 40125S, or 48125W.

I don’t understand why you’ve don’t made a bios that support this function, when 40125S which seems to be an old 40X model and has support for it .

You have answer this :
Dear Sir,

Your drive fully supports Mt.Rainier.
Do you have a recording software installed on your PC ie Nero, Winon etc.
If so, please deinstall it and reinstall the CDRW.

Best regards,

Michael Crossan
FA Engineer, Liteon IT.
Optical storage Div.,

The problem is that this is all wrong !!!
I search on lots and lots forums and message boards, all this people are complaining about lake of mount rainer support for this drive on all of your bios, try it yourself before answer that your faq say it support it.
Nero Info Tool 1.01say no support.
Nero say say no support too.
and more and more, I’ve made a try and no spport is available.
So I think Ican ask for mount rainer support as It said on your website and drive, I’ve buy the drive for this specifcation too.
I ask you to make a solution for this.
I don’t want to flash my drive with firmware for other drive like a lot of us have donne to have mount rainer support, I don’t want to lose my warantly !!!


Here is the last answer :

Dear Sir,

thanks for contacting LiteOn Customer Service.

At the moment the LTR-40125W doesn’t support Mt. Rainier. We are going to
this feature with one of the next F/W updates, so please check our website
from to time.

Best regards,

Christian Henrich
FA Engineer
LiteOn Technology (Europe) B.V.

So here is the answer no official support for the 40125W for the moment.


Hmmm you see that OC, they read their mails at Lite-On :slight_smile:

Yeah, but why do they not answer my mails then? :frowning: