LITEON - struggling to delete old timer recordings

Hello all, and firstly congrats on a VERY extensive forum :slight_smile:

I own a LITEON HDA760GX DVD/HD recorder.

I wonder if anyone can help me with how to delete old timer recordings; I have tried all I can on the remote with no joy. I have lost the user manual but remember I found no instructions in it to help when I looked a while back.

Its frustrating as there seems no way to delete old timer recordings other than when I go to do a new timer recording and it asks me to delete an old 1 before I can proceed.

Any help much appreciated


Hi Mr_Spark, for some reason Liteon made it very dificult to erase timer settings, especially in the older models, theyโ€™ve actually improved it in the 740/760 models.

To delete timer settings for the 740/760 models you need to:

  1. open the timer menu
  2. highlite the timer setting you want to delete
  3. move the cursor to the empty left column, a garbage bin will show up
  4. press enter



Thanks for showing me the way

Much appreciated