LiteOn stopped recognizing CD-R, but DVDs are OK


I have a LiteOn 1635 that, after a failed CD burning, reffused to recognize CD-R - and CD-RW - blank media. If you inquiry the drive, it says there’s no CD in drive.

Previously recorded media, both CDs and DVDs, are read without a glinch.

I have already reset all learned media information and hypertunning data, and repatch with the latest firmware. The drive’s been operational for about a year with no noticeable problems.

I’ve tried IPC media - a local manufactured brand - and HP (that was the CD that failed the burning).

Is there anything else I can do? I’ve ran out of ideas.

In case I should buy a new unit, which one of these 3 would you recommend? LG GSA-H20N, SONY DW-Q120A, or PIONEER 111?

Thanks a lot in advance.


I just got the Pioneer 111D which I almost instantly firm’d to the 111L 8.29 and I have been extremely happy. Removing the riplock was simple enough… It reads well (I have only found one scratched disk it could not read) which my older :bow: Litey 851s@832s read perfectly. The burns have been 95+ quality using CDSpeed with both the Pio and Litey.

For $28.99us it was an amazing buy I figure.

One note, it seems in another discussion that the Pio reads PIE in a very unusual manner reporting much higher than other drives with the same disk. So while the burn quality seems exceptional the scan quality seems marginal at least when it comes to PIE, PIF seems fine. Just a heads up.

Sadly, I have no idea what could be causing your problems with the cds outside what you have already tried.

Thanks for the answer. Sad is what happened to my drive, and having to replace it just because it doesn’t writes CDs anymore. I’ll make a decision tomorrow Monday, so if anyone else likes to give an opinion, I’d appreciate that a lot.

Make sure to keep the Litey for reading DVDs at least, that is by far their strongest trait.

I’ll add another vote for the Pioneer 111D to 111L, especially if you keep the Litey for scanning. Truth is though, with the Pio and Ty or Verb media, there’s no real NEED for scanning. It will just be for your yuks.


Completely agree

Keep the Litey in your box, it is worth having just in case the pio struggles reading a scratched disk.

An update - just in case - to let you know the drive [B]doesn’t read CDs at all[/B]. I’m not sure if this was an evolution of the problem or if I didn’t get it right the first time I test it.

The problem with buying another writer and letting this connected, would be that one should be slave, and I’m not too fond or the idea of writing with a slave drive. Nevertheless, that’s probably the configuration I’m gonna end with. I’ll have to let go my DVD-ROM though.

Anyone with hardware knowledge that give me some clues about what may be wrong with my drive? I mean, the laser is the same, right? So what gives…?


No, the optical unit for CD media is a different one. that’s why drives fail with DVD media and are fine with CD or vice versa.


Seba, sorry to hear about your problems. :sad:
Put your OS (WinXP) cd in drive and restart compu. This will give you the definitive answer if your drives cd laser diode is dead o not.

BTW, it’s only laser diode that differs, and yes, they are in same optical unit.
Seba, you can get more “in principal” knowledge here, bottom of page.

I suggest to buy a new LiteON drive, not a Pioneer. the LH-20P drive is very good.

Put your old drive as your slave and put your new drive as master. That is how I set up my computer with an old Litey for reading/scanning and my new Pio 111L for burning. The setup seems to be working perfectly so far. I am not sure of your hardware knowledge, but moving drives in most cases is a simple task.

Let us know if you need any assistance.

That was a brilliant idea :clap: . Unfortunately, it only added to the dead laser theory :sad:. It didn’t read nothing.

Thanks one more for another useful tip. Let me tell you a short story. I’ve brought back to life two CD readers in the past by opening the unit and adjusting a little bit one small preset they had near the laser unit. Both readers are reading OK years after their - otherwise - normal “decommission”.

Then, only a short while after I bought the LiteOn, it reffused to write CD-RW media - you could visually see it didn’t changed the media color after it supposedly burned it. So I say what the heck and went for the small preset, only that, instead of 1, I found 4. I was no worried about losing the unit so I “adjusted” two of them a little bit, reassembled the writer, and guess what: it started writing the RW media right away. Call it luck. That was a year or so ago.

I know perfectly that, considering the complexity of a DVD writer, I don’t know hell what I actually did to the drive, but it worked. Now if you or any other have any idea of what I could have adjusted, you would doing my curiosity a great favor.

That’s exactly what I think I’ll do. Thanks for your help. Just in case, have you tried burning something with your Litey in that config? I’d like to make it worth what I have paid for it. Nowadays I mostly write DVDs, and the drive was performing excellent.

Well my litey does not burn anywhere near as well as my new Pio so it has been relegated to “back up” burner and primary reader/scanner. I have burned a couple times with the litey in slave just to test the config and it seemed to work just as well as when it was master.

I guess it depends on how much you need cd recognition and burning. If you can live without it and are happy with your liteys DVD burning then stick with the litey. Otherwise, new DVD burner for you.

I am always looking for a good reason to buy another burner. :bigsmile:

I’m always looking for a good reason to buy another anything :iagree:. Thanks again for your help. I’ve bought the Pioneer, tonight after work I’ll give it a try.

Did you end up buying the 111D?

I hope you enjoy your new drive, let us know how it works for you.

Written with Pioneer, read with LiteOn.

Now get this. Written with LiteOn at 16x, read with LiteOn.

Now the same disc, but read with Pioneer.

Of course the disc is faulty and I still have to try the Pioneer writing at 16x, but the point is, it reads better the faulty disc than the Litey.

CD writing is also very different. From the get-go my cd player couldn’t read CD-Audio written by the LiteOn. The problem is now solved with the Pioneer.

That being said, the Pioneer is more noisy, and it changes speed a lot while reading a disc, which reminds me an AOpen CD drive I had I while back.