Liteon SSM-8515S slow to wrire DVD

I am trying to help a friend who has an Acer laptop with a Liton SSM-8515S DVD writer/player. He is writing many copies of a film he has made for our folk group and last night he told me it takes 7 hours to write one DVD;
A quick look at his machine showed DMA2 was set. he is running XP Media center and has 1gb memory.
Any ideas gratefully welcome.

DMA setting is usually the culprit in slow burns with an IDE interface drive. But you’ve checked to see Current Transfer Mode is in Ultra DMA 2.

What program is he using? Does he have to convert the film to dvd-video format, or is this just for burning?

My advice is to test the drive using a different source…just a data burn, and use ImgBurn for this process. ImgBurn is a free program, highly recommended and found here:

Use good quality media (Verbatim 16x) and don’t use the highest burn speed available in ImgBurn. Try one at 4x or 6x (if 6x is one of the listed speeds in ImgBurn). Once the burn is completed, post the log file here. You can find it by clicking Help–>ImgBurn Logs.

Does he have the latest firmware for the drive? It can be found here: