LiteOn SSM-8515S Driver needed

Hi lads ,
I’ve got an Acer Aspire 3660 with LiteOn SSM-8515S DVD/RW drive ,I was having problems with the whole system running slow ,and used ERUNT to restore to an earlier date ,which worked perfectly - but now the DVD drive don’t work ,its still listed in device manager ,but has the explanation mark and clicking on properties says ‘Driver may be corrupt’ ,repair does nothing .If I uninstall and reboot ,xp finds it ,installs driver and same again ‘corrupt’ .If I restore back to present date the drive works but then my system is slow again…! Can I find a driver …NO…
And of course xp came preloaded ,so no disks (why do they do that now ,how bloody annoying!)
I’ve tried all these but no driver available…
(not listed)
(no drivers…!!)
(links to above)

even Daddy microshite dont list…ID=0&OR=1&PG=18

Someone please help ,whats goin on?

have a look here

Cheers Easterbunny i’ll look into it and try ,thanks for responce.

You the Daddy Easterbunny ,problem cured from you link .Many thanks and added Karma to yourself.