Liteon sowh 832s



Since i bought this writer i’m having nottong but problems with it …It cant write too princo-r dvd without making a coaster,i know princo is not that good media but my sony dru500a has no problems with it…So i tried Platinums 8 speed DVD+r burnd a few movies on them ,nothing but skipping scenes and freezing pictures,if i burn them wit my sony i have no problems …I tried Sentinels +RW same thing now i tried TdK+R 4 speed disk’s i burnd one with the latest nero 6.317 and at 99 procent the writer just freezes and the program dont react anymore…
I have tried all diffrent firmware and nothing helps ,i flasht it back with the orinigal eeprom and the firmware VS08 …
Please help is this drive defect???


have you tried other better brand -r media. 832s is not a great -r burner and princo is not great media, so I doubt many with the same drive will get good results.


I have nothing but praises with mine (An HP, buts its a 832s). I am burning princo DVD-R 4x at 8x no problem. Haven’t done a scan, but they played fine in my player. Using nero and DVD Decryptor.

Did you check DMA and if you cable is up to code? Also check if the power cable is nice and tight. Before my DRU-500 crapped out, a loose cable was causing lots of bad burns. (Also, my DRU would’t burn the same princo disks at all, and the liteon does them perfectly).


Well i dont know what is wrong…i checked the power cable it is fine i put a new IDE cable still the same thing i tried platinum dvd+R 8 SPEED DISK…I tried TDK+R 4 speed disks…the same thing 1 one computer just hangs at 99 procent and the outher one i get freezing pictures in the movie…
And i dont try princo anymore i will burn them with my sony DRU500A…I Flasht the original eeprom back in to the drive and i tried all different firmware’s,and still the same thing.So my guess is this drive is broken or Liteon makes bad drives…