LiteOn SOSW-852S Recommended Firmware?

This is my first post so i thought it better that i start in the “newbie” section…save someone the trouble of moving the post here anyway at a later date!!! My question is as you might have guessed from the title of the post…what is the best firmware to use for the LiteOn SOSW-852S?? My drive came with my Alienwhatever laptop with a firmware version of PSU2. I have tried a few different versions and am not sure if they have made any difference. Only difference i noticed was with the PFS3 sony firmware, it allowed me to burn Verbatim -R (MCC 03RG20) discs at 8x instead of 4x…And verbatim +R discs at 8x instead of 6x…BUT later i tried watching a dvd on the laptop and had problems, dvd would stop playing after about 30min…thought maybe it was due to heat as the drive did seem to be hotter than usual but worked ok when i flashed back to PSU2. So if anyone wilh more experience and knowledge on the subject can offer me some advice i would be most grateful!!! Thanks in advance.

The latest official Liteon firmware for your burner is PSX3. You can click on Liteon’s link.
Codeguys also has PS08 (stock firmware) available which may work well for you…that’s right here.

Prior to doing anything, I’d read through a few of the threads on the Liteon/Sony DVD burner forum…some excellent sources of info and also some essential utilities that, for example, will let you back up and restore the EEPROM.

Try these for starters:

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your helpful reply, have read through the links you sent and there is a LOT of information there, am practically cross eyed from reading it all!!! I had tried the PSX3 and the PS08 firmwares already but couldnt see much difference between them and the original PSU2. I can still only burn the Verbatim -R at 4x and the +R at 6x instead of 8x for both with the PFS3. I couldnt find any info on other peoples experience with the PFS3 firmware so should i start a post in a different part of the form?? Or is changing firmware down to personal preference and is there no “best” firmware for my model drive?? also if i decided to use the PFS3 sony firmware is there a way to correct the dvd playback errors??? And one last question…are there any advantages for me to use the eeprom to upgrade my drive from the 852S to the 856S??? anyway…thanks again for taking the time to reply and thanks in advance for any future help!!!

I’ve just tried the liteon firmware upgrade on my acer 1670

I’m getting an error message

“this utility is only for slimtype DVDRW SOSW-852S Drive.
Detected Drives 1-0-0-0 E:slimtypeDVDRW SOSW-852S PRS9”

Am I missing something here?

You have an ACER, so you need an ACER OEM firmware.

My laptop has a Sony DVD RW DW D56A which is a rebadged LiteOn SOSW -852S

The S on the end is for ‘slimline’, i.e. for laptop/notebooks.

My firmware is PYS1 which I obtained from the LiteOn site.

Have you tried there, or here;

Good Luck

Acer say they do’t do firmware for drives :frowning:

I’ll have a bash at the Sony stuff

If a optical drive comes in a Lappy, then it’s an OEM drive and the Lappy manufacturer has to make support for it.

So it’s ACERs thing.

not according to them… I don’t have the e-mail handy, but I’ll post it tomorrow if you like

I’ve managed to flash the firmware with PS01 which didn’t do anything, it’s still just spinning the drive with a pre-rec dvd in it.

I’ve now tried liteons own psx3 after the ps01 upgrade and it took it this time, but it still won’ t read a disk

ready for thenext suggestion guys :frowning: I’m getting really p!ssed at this now

Your drive came in an ALienware Lappy?

no an acer aspire 1670

here’s the last reply off them when I asked specifically for firmware

Dear sir

Unfortunately we can not provide firmware upgrades for cd drives. We can bring the unit in and assess it for repair, but I can not guarentee that the engineers will find a fault with the dvd drive. If you wish to send it in please complete the details below