Liteon SOSW-852S External DVD RW mod to use internally

Right, I have a broken internal DVD drive. Not suprisingly on an Acer laptop.

I have a USB external DVD-RW drive - liteon SOSW-852S

Is there anyway I can mod this drive to work internally on my laptop? like either a hard bridge mod internally on the drive or a FW, I’ve searched, but all the information does not answer what I ned to know.

I have tried the simple things like taking it out the caddy and putting it into the laptop drive bay, but it just will not boot. It hangs on the bios screen.

I have tried to flash it with more upgraded FW but it still does the same.

I only ask as its a proper pain to carry around an extra power cord and USB cable, makes it all simpler having it internal in the empty space.

Or do I have more underlaying problems with my DVD bay, its an ACER 5101. Had the dreaded matshita dvd (he actually did with this drive :doh:)

And… HELLO!!!

Thank you:cop:

Sorted :wink:

For anyone else wanting to do this, maybe the same for other drives. All that nees changing is the drive from master to secondary.

I used the one in red from the bottom of this page, but it was designed for my external drive! You will need to use the one for your drive. - Credit to whoever made that program!!!

IDE Location Changer for Slimtype Drives (provided by LiteOn tech support)
Changes the master/slave setting for jumperless LiteOn laptop drives.
• Download: DOS version
• Download: Windows version
• Download: Special Windows version for the SLW-831S (18 Aug 2006)
• Download: Special Windows version for the DW-Q58A
• Download: Special Windows version for the SOSW-833S
• Download: Special Windows version for the SOSW-852S (hosted by
NOTE: For all models see the EEPROM Utilities Slim tab.