Liteon sosw-833s vs04 taiyo yuden - bad!

hi all. first post. here is a scan of a taiyo yuden disc (purchased from svp) using acer laptop with liteon sosw 833s drive. why oh why is it so bad? I have purchased 200 of these blanks - TYG02 code, so don’t want to waste them if my burner is crap.

I’m burning at 8x which the discs are capable of. Is there anything I can do or should I get a new drive?

addition: why are the problem areas located at the beginning and end of disc. Is this significant?


try scanning at 4x speed and see if the graph is better. The “standard” for scanning with Liteon drives is 4x, for newer 5S and 6S series (desktop) drives 8x.

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Burn a test disk with the cdspeed create data disk function and post the write speed graph. In your above scan the first error block is probably burned at 2.4x, the last block at 8x. Somewhere inbetween the drive burns 4x and 6x.

ok ala42 - here are the pics. I decided to use a verbatim disc instead of wasting my new yudens. I believe these discs are regarded as second only to taiyo yuden.

thanks for any help or advice

Scan again at 4x CLV instead of 8x CAV, if possible also scan on a non laptop drive.

will do tonight. at work now. can only use my laptop drive I’m afraid, its the only one I have at present.

is it possible that the problem is my drive’s reading ability? I would be happy if that were the case. I’m no expert on PI, PO etc.

It could be a scanning, reading or writing problem.

here are scans of two discs, both recorded on tuffdiscs (yes, I know they’re shit). I’m still at work so don’t have access to my other discs. Do these reveal any information. I have used a work computer to do the scans. The spike at the beginning is not as thick as previous scans (on laptop drive).

when intepreting these results which are the main things to look for? Is it the maximum or average errors and failures? should these discs go straight in the bin?

try burning at 4x, which should use CLV instead of Z-CLV, since it is having trouble with the 2x and 8x segments


for liteon drives ideally you want max PIF to be under 4 and max PIE under 280, a few spikes over these values isnt the end of the world, but when large blocks are over the data should definately be reburnt. also the combo drive you used for the last scans cant really be trusted since its not a dvd burner.

thanks jwill. will post 4x scans tomorrow.

I doubt that the drive can burn the inner part at 4x. If it could, they would not burn the first few mb at 2.4x.
The tuffdisk disks are bad media, a combo drive is not well suited for scanning, so these scans do not help much.

here are the 4x scans with taiyo yuden media. not looking so good :frowning:

still seem to be having trouble with the 2.4x writing speed.

I have flashed the firmware back to the previous version. will scan again tonight. My feeling is this drive is not good enough. anyone know of a good slim (laptop) drive that burns +/- at at least 8x, double layer too. either that or an excellent external burner. many thanks

does anyone know if either of these will be any better: NEC ND4571 or NEC AD5170?

I plant to use an external case and usb2.

shall I do it?

me again (this is turning into a one man thread)!

I have dug out my trusty nec nd2500a burner, put it in an akasa integral external enclosure and burnt a couple of discs. The nec won’t work with kprobe or cdspeed, so I have done a couple of scans using the liteon sosw-833s as a reader. to me, these seem a lot better. i don’t think the liteon works well as a reader. can someone put my mind at rest that these discs don’t need going straight in the bin?

these two scans are both the same disc burnt on nec

Once again, scan at 4x CLV instead of max speed, which is 8x CLV.

ok, here is a scan of a yuden disc recorded on external nec 2500a at 4x speed and then read on my laptop drive.

Does this look good enough for archival quality?

Try scanning (reading) on the LiteOn at 4x, as suggested a few times :wink:

I have that same drive in the Sony version (Q58A) and some of us here have found it burns better with +R media (TY02). I don’t use mine as i was really never impressed with the burn quality but will do in a pinch.