Liteon SOSW-825S Failing?

Today, my SOSW drive stopped reading DVD Data/CD/CD-R and AudioCD, it has also stopped recognizing empty media, i.e. CDR / DVDR, nero and alcohol will report “no cd”

I have noticed a louder “seek noise” lateley, the “tick-zzzzum” sound that I associate with laser focusing.

it will still play DVD-Video though. :rolleyes:

Since it was failing anyway, i’ve updated the dvd firmware to the lastest original available (from the omnipacher website), it flashed ok, but the problem remains the same.

calibration error or failing? :sad:
Has anyone had this problem?

if it is failing, can anyone point me to a relatively cheap supplier for a spare?
the spare ones available here cost around €250 (euro)


im having the same problems.did you found any solution;thanks a lot

My second one has just failed also. Just the same as the OEM item, the system just stopped recognising the drive. There is power on it as it opens and runs up when closed but then nothing. It doesn’t show on the system with any utility I have.

Starting to get grumpy with it now.

Any feedback yet?