Liteon Sony and Benq 52x24x52



I’m currently looking for which burner to buy and I found out that Benq and Sony 52x24x52 uses Lite on drive. So I’m trying to find out if this is true or not? Does anyone know where I can find more reliable evidence of this? and if this is true would Benq have same performance as liteon? because Benq has 2 years warranty on it. So I’m not sure which one to buy

Thanks for any info.


BenQ do still produce their own drives.

But you’re right about sony…thay are produced by Lite-On.

Compared to BenQ I would of course go for the Sony/Lite-On…


At the time when I bought my drive, I considered going for the sony one… but it was almost twice the price of liteon! So why the heck should I spend that much more just to get a brand-name version of the same thing??


Benq split off from Acer. Here is an Acer OEM Lite-ON which I was surprised to see:

I have never seen a Benq branded Lite-ON yet though.

I would also recommend the Sony.