Liteon SOHW812S

ok i have a question … burnt about 95 dvds total now … and have a liteon SOHW-812S and the 2nd pack of 50 dvds i got were 8x burn capablity … so i burn about 3 discs at 8x … and they work burning fine, but when i put htem into the ps2/dvd player, it skips and freezes alot … so i downloaded this program called smartburn from liteon tellin me about the media that i use, and they were 8x, so its not that … so i see that possibly i need to upgrade firmware for my drive … i see that one is out ‘DR8US0N’ i dont know how to tell if this is what i already have, or i really need … cuz my drive burns fine at 4x and i dont want to screw that up … and so when i click on the firmware.exe it says this ‘please REMOVE disc and close all applications before running this utility’ so i dont know what please remove disc means? does that just mean any cd-disc in the drive or what … thanks for your help

it just means if u have and cd’s or dvd’s in ur burner just to remove them from the burner

ok i figured … so before this firmware was up, the SOHW812S wasnt able to burn at 8x correctly right?? i am assuming that this new firmware allows SOHW812S to burn solid and smoothly at 8x

thanks for clearing this up for me

It also largely depends on what media you are using.
See the media codes explained link my sig to learn about what media you are really using.

USON is by far the best firmware for the 812S though and should help somewhat with most media.

It’s a good idea to pay a visit and do some reading on the LiteOn forum located here on CD Freaks. The stickied threads and knowledge base found there are priceless.

ok cool … well ive been using RIDATA 4x, all 50 worked flawlessy … and then i ordered the 8x next time and i burnt about 3-4 discs and they burnt right but scratched and froze when i tried to play … but now i just got the new firmware installed and checked with smartburn and they are 8x so i am goin to go test out the new firmware and see if i can get this down right … i use dvddecrypter to extract files to harddrive then use elby’s clovedvd to burn onto one dvd+r … thanks! ssseth i really like how youve broken down LITEON’S which are great roms

just reportin, it seemed to have worked great! i can skip chapters and runs without any hitches unlike it did before without firmware … glad to see … thanks for the info

also, anyone ever use to use i dont know what happened to that site but sumthing is up, was a great site for dvd and other software

ok i used kprobe2 on the first dvd ive burnt after installing new firmware and writing at 8x … can sumone plz help me show what it is im looking at lol

your scan has no meaning as you didnt scan correctly never scan with max set
always scan with 4x and 8/1 ecc once you do that your scan must fall within

Ignore single spikes
PI <= 280
PIF <= 4

ok even if i burnt at 8x i still put the scanner to 4x? i think that is what you mean, always scan at 4x, im assuming that is what you mean … thanks

yes always speed 4x and 8/1 ecc , the setup of kp2 has nothing to do with what speed you burned at.