Liteon Sohw812s Firmware Problem



I have a liteon sohw 812s dvd writer and recently upgraded the firmware because movies were skipping. It worked fine for 2 days then started messing up. The drive letter changed for D to G and when I launch My Computer I dont see drive letter G. I had to reflash the drive. It doesnt read my cd’s and only reads the dvd when i launch dvd decrypter. Can anyone tell me how to get the drive letter back? I tried to remove it under windows management but it did not work. :confused:
thanks in advance


keyluv44, welcome to cdfeaks. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the slow reply. Using Device Manger delete the IDE channel driver the drive is connected to (usually the secondary IDE) and then reboot.

Under computer Management (right click My Computer and select Manage) right click on the “CD-ROM n” box (n = number) and select Change Drive Letter and Paths. Set the drive letter you want.