LiteOn SOHW1673S



I trying to replace my dead Toshiba drive and I am considering either the LiteON drive or the Sony DRU 800A. Any opinions and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


my LiteOn SOHW1673S is excellent.
try lite-on forum also



Suggest that you try the LiteOn 1693s - as it seems to be the improved version of the 1673s and should be the same or lower price-

I have a 1693s in my burnin’ 'puter - and it is one hella fast reader/ripper when omnipatched-



what about the NEC 3540A ?


the NEC 3540A is not to bad but I think when there is better firmware available for it will be a very good burner but I would still go for the Lite-On 1693S it has better firmware support and the burns are very good.



On my burnin’ 'puter - I have the the 1693s w/KOSA as the reader/ripper and the 3540 w/1.01e (Liggy modded) as the burner - works very well for me-