liteOn SOHW1213s..What dvd media to get?

I have been trying to get some stuff off of an old hard drive and i was trying to burn data dvds with ym burner and i cant get it to work. The error i get in nero is bad media. I didnt have a problem when i used a set of other discs i had. So i guess the ultimate question is what blank dvd will my drive burn on? or am I in left field?

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It’s possible that the firmware from your 1213 is too old to recognize the newer (16x) media. But with your drive you have the advantage that you can use firmware up to the SOHW-1653S. I suggest you download the new Flash-Utility here: to backup your old firmware (just in case you want to reverse your steps) and flash your drive with this firmware:
It’s the latest firmware for this generation of drives and supports most of the media-codes on the market today. I use the same firmware almost a year now and am very happy with it. It burns my Verbatim MCC004 with nice results. Let us know if you are successful.

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Thank you very much. I am going to try and crissflash with omni and i will post my results this weekend. i will also post which media i get to work and which doesnt. thank you for the help leo

All media I used until now was recognized by CS0T. At the moment I use Verbatim MC004. You can generate a media-report with OmniPatcher to see what mid’s are supported, and at what speeds. Just load the firmware in OmniPatcher and push button “More commands - Save dvd media code report”. Looking forward for your results.

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I get my new hard drive today and get to re-setup my computer, but i have one last question…
I burned some other dvd’s awhile ago and i know they worked at one time, but i cant get my computer to read them. Will the crossflashing help with reading them or is this the wrong way to look at this? Thanx for all the help in advance.

P.S. I got like 6-7 different types of dvd data and i will burn on all of them and post results. could be a little while untill im finished playing IT guy on my computer. Thanx leo :slight_smile:

Normally crossflashing should make no difference reading burned disks. I never noticed any difference in reading cd- or dvd-media, and I used a lot of different firmwares the last two years. Is it the drive that doesn’t read the particular media or is the media not read by any drive, in that case you should blame the media.

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Which kind of media don’t work anymore?
Please tell me the name, type and speed rating, and if you can read the media code with Nero CD-DVD Speed or DVD Identifier :slight_smile: