LiteON SOHW-832S don't burn RICOH DVD+RW 8x (RICOHJPN-W21-01)



Hi list,

As this media wasn’t known from the regular firmware (VS0M), I downloaded the CG5J and tweaked it with omnipatcher, replacing RICOHJPN-W01-00 with RICOHJPN-W21-01 (info by: NeroInfoTool) with 4x burning capability.

[Formating the media never complained and always said it is Ok.]

Now NeroExpress tell it burns @ 4x (was 2.4x before installing CG firmware); k3b, under Linux, also say that, but the real-time speed probe says it burns @ ~2.0x.

In both softwares everything seems to happen correctly BUT neither NeroExpress nor k3b can verify the burn: the disk is empty (and it seem effectively blank at sight).
Inserting the DVD in any DVD-ROM drive read it as empty.

If you have any clue it will be welcome (I’ve to backup a disk, and don’t want to use regular DVDs)

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There is surely no writemethod included in the firmware to write them at high speeds.

So you can do nothing.


What do you mean exactly?

I don’t want to burn them @ 8x, but I would like to burn them, even @ 1x, do you mean it is totally impossible to use them or else?

Thanks in advance




W11 is 4x +RW, W21 is 8x +RW. There are many physical differences between 4x and 8x +RW media, such as dye, thermal specification, etc, etc. 8x +RW media is not compatible with 4x +RW generation drive. 8x +RW media requires more laser power than 8x +R/-R drive and early 16x +R/-R drive. So the drive that supports 8x +RW has newer laser pickup.

SOHW832S is 8x -R/+R 4x +RW generation drive. 832S’s maximum laser power is too low to burn 8x +RW media.


Diseree has a good point there, and on other newer drives we seldom see any low, 2.4x or 4x speed write strategy on 8x rated +/-RW’s.

Just a sidenote, not related to topic.
In 1653 CS0T firmware, OmniPatcher [I]only[/I] indicates a 4x write strategy for RICOHJPN-W21-01.