Liteon SOHW-832 & Sony DRU-700A



I’m slightly confused at the minute, I’m looking to buy either the Liteon SOHW-832S or a Sony DRU-700A.

The main uses are going to be for single layer storage, copying from video tape to DVD (again single layer). Maybe at some point in the future for backing up dual layer dvd’s. The dual layer facility isn’t a priority, but as I’m looking to buy a dvd writer in the next couple of weeks, I’d rather get one with the facility to avoid having to replace it in future.

From looking at the forums & a couple of other websites, (my reading anyway) they all suggest that the Sony drive is a rebadged Liteon which can be flashed using the Liteon firmware updates etc.

Pricewise, the Sony is double the price of the Liteon, is there a difference between the two apart from the badge & outer casing?

Do you get anything “extra” with the Sony, or does is it any better?

I’ve used Liteon cd burners for a while & never had any problems with them, so my preference would be the Liteon anyway.

Finally, are there any other drives that you would recommend, although this being a Liteon forum, I don’t expect anybody to suggest non-Liteon drives.

Thanks in advance, any advice would be appreciated.


yes, sony is a rebadge of liteon 832s.

  • there is no hardware differences between them.
  • while software (=firmware) liteon have more recent ones, and is updated more frequently.
  • extra things ?? i heard in sony retail there is no empty media while liteon have 2, also there is an IDE cable with sony, while in liteon no.

will sony provide better support than liteon, i don’t know.


First: Welcome to the forum!
Second: Get the Liteon SOHW-832. There is no advantage whatsoever to getting the Sony, at least that I can see.


Thanks for the confirmations of what I thought.

Looks like Liteon get another sale


Just looking at some other products, I’ve come across the NEC GSA4120B, that looks to have a better specification than the Liteon, DVD Ram support and faster DVD writing capeabilities, CD Text which the Liteon doesn’t list in its spec’s, while the NEC doesn’t have CD+G.

I’d like to have the CD text facility, although its not essential, my Liteon CD writer does that anyway. I know Liteon always have a good reputation for being able to backup cd’s is it the same with the Liteon DVD, and how does the NEC compare in that respect?

Is the Liteon capeable of being flashed to a faster writing speed comparable with the NEC.

Apologies for asking a dumb question, I’d rather get advice from users who seem look to have more knowledge about these things than the manufacturers and retailers do.

Thanks again in advance


At this moment the LiteOn SOHW-832S full retail box is $82 delivered to your home, if you live in the US, don’t forget to get the free 5pk of no-name DVD-R, at Newegg.It will write CD text and copy copy-protected cds better that most DVD writers, if you are in to that sort of thing. It will not be able to write at speeds higher that 8X, it’s maxed out as far as speed is concerned. I have a NEC-2500A and a NEC-2510A and they both write DVD’s better that my LiteOn SOHW-832S’s, but they will not read as good or handle copy-protected CD’s. Sorry but I am not familiar with the NEC drive you mentioned.


Sorry, got confused looking at too many drives, I should have said that it was an LG drive, not NEC.


The LG review I was looking at was on, which also had a reviw of the Liteon and seemed to say that the LG was better.

I’m not US based, so your prices are cheaper than ours, but the shipping costs would make it a more expensive.

The prices for both drives here are the equivalent of $100-$110


No problem, I found it but am still not familiar with it, the LG GSA-4120B. There are some post about it on this fourm though.